Technical collaboration with FDDI!!!!!!!

We are really elated to share this technical collaboration with FDDI – Footwear Design and Development Institute

Rag pickers are among the most marginalized and disadvantaged sections of society and they need to be empowered to bring about the social transformation. The high rate of unemployment among this section of society is solely due to the lack of relevant skills needed for the market place,

Being a Social Enterprise, we believe education is one important aspect of empowerment. Hence, we charted a teaching plan with the help of FDDI for the benefit of rag-pickers

Plan – A training program with modules on stitching and non-stitching operations of footwear creation with ratio of 90 % practical teaching and 10% theory teaching!

We are really excited to share that program has come out well and is also quite rewarding to its participants

This post will not be complete without a vote of thanks to Ms. Satyam Srivastava – FDDI. Conserve India really values her time and contribution

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