Best Associate of March 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Conserve India is really honored to share the name of Best Associate of March 2015 – “Ms Sunita Bhasin, Director, SSMI & Ms. Aparna Bhat, Associate, Ennovent ”

We like to thank Ms. Bhasin & Ms. Bhat for their valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with them. Look forward to associate with them very soon in the future.

And, Ms. Bhasin & Ms. Bhat is not a new face to our ardent blog readers. The first acquaintance happened HERE

Best Associate March


Nostalgia – Visitors Viewing Products at Lotus Bazaar – Washington D.C!!!!!!!

Visitors viewing products at Lotus Bazaar- Washington D.C.

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visitors viewing products


Nostalgia – Artisans at their stall at Lotus Bazaar – Washington D.C!!!!!!!

Artisans at their stall at Lotus Bazaar- Washington D.C.

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Lotus Bazaar - Artisans


Gentle Remainder – 1 Day to go for Asian Heritage Foundation’s Lotus Bazaar!!!!!!!

All our ardent blog followers already received our INVITE

It’s time for gentle remainder.

Please join us for recycled collection [bags, fashion accessories etc] at Lotus Bazaar – Delhi from 28 March to 31 March 2015. The Venue is Lilly Pool Lawn, Hotel Ashoka Chanakyapuri. The bazaar is open from 5.30 p.m. on 28 March 2015. They are open from 12 Noon to 10 p.m. on 29, 30 and 31 March 2015.

Revisiting Lotus Bazaar – Barcelona!!!!!!!

Tree of Life installation [Another view] in Universal Forum Cultural, Barcelona

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tree of life


Asian Heritage Foundation in Social Media!!!!!!!

We have been talking a lot about ASIAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION. Now, we are really excited to introduce the Social Media Presence of Asian Heritage Foundation

Facebook Page of Asian Heritage Foundation –

It’s time to cheer for Lotus Bazaar and Asian Heritage Foundation Facebook Page!

Revisiting Lotus Bazaar – Washington D.C!!!!!!!

Entrance to Lotus Bazaar – Washington D.C.

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Previous edition of Lotus Bazaar – Barcelona!!!!!!!

Tree of Life installation in Universal Forum Cultural, Barcelona

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Barcelona - Lotus Bazaar

Previous edition of Lotus Bazaar – Washington D.C!!!!!!!

The inauguration of Lotus Bazaar by World Bank president Mr. and Mrs. James D. Wolfensohn in the lawns of the Freer & Sackler galleries by the National Mall of Washington DC.

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Introducing Asian Heritage Foundation’s Lotus Bazaar!!!!!!!

The Lotus Bazaar is the South Asian version of the Asian Heritage Foundation’s [AHF] flagship market development package. It is conceived for deserving artisans, Cooperatives, cultural enterprises, designers and micro credit organization’s design led initiatives to narrate their stories of achievements and future aspirations through an evocative scenographic experience.

The bazaar is conceived to act as the crucible of culture and commerce, a space to believe, buy and belong. The Bazaar host selected few from 9 South Asian countries. The merchandise display is the collective expression of diverse cultural enterprises from all over South Asia, organized to combat illiteracy, unemployment, gender inequality, natural calamities and conflict.

The AHF has previously organized “lotus bazaar” in Washington DC’s Mall as part of the Silk Route festival, in Barcelona as part of the “Forum of Culture”, at India Gate in Delhi as part of Festival of Federalism”.

The 2015 Lotus Bazaar will be held from 28 March to 31 March 2015 at Delhi. ”Celebration of time honored skills of South Asia as the means of conflict resolution” is the theme for 2015 Lotus Bazaar.

On that note, Conserve India is really honored to be part of 2015 Lotus Bazaar

Footwear Manufacturing Training by Conserve India supported by Brot Feur Die Welt and Western Union!!!!!!!

We are really elated to share this with you. Our Technical Collaboration with FDDI became a real success. On that note, we also like to thank Western Union and Brot-Feur-Die-Welt for their generous support

Let the pictures tell rest of the tale –

A real honor!!!!!!!

Conserve India is really excited and honored to share this news with you. Our very own Creative Director, Ms. Anita Ahuja has been felicitated with “Be the Change – Stree Udhyami Award 2015”

Gandhi Smriti Darshan along with Fair Trade Forum – India, B & S Foundation and Believe India has launched an innovative campaign called WEAVE – Women Entrepreneurs And Village Entrepreneurs on 12th March 2015. The felicitation of “Be the Change – Stree Udhyami Award 2015” was part of this innovative campaign

On that note, we are really humbled by this love and felicitation!!!!!!!!!!

A Special Prize for Women’s Day 2015 contestant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even though we announced THREE PRIZE, our judges felt one of the competition entry deserves a special prize. Hence we decided to felicitate this contestant with Conserve India’s Earring (Attached at the Bottom)

Special Prize [Conserve India’s Ear-ring ] Women’s Day 2015 Contest – Pratika Chopra

An Associate Account Strategist at Google India! She is a graduate from Shaheed Sukhdev of Business Studies is avid traveller who loves to bake cakes and pies

Safety of women : EVERY GIRL should be given a device through which she can instantly reach out to the police and her family if she is in an uncomfortable situation and help is sent to her location as soon as possible

Pratika Chopra, succinct answer and well deserved winner! And you win this earring.


Winners of Women’s Day 2015 Giveaway – Congrats Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Prize [Shopper Bag ] Winner of Women’s Day Giveaway 2015 – Udita Agarwal

Pursuing MBA at Welingkar Institute of Management and Research Mumbai! Prior to MBA, she donned the hat of Asset manager for almost 3 years. Her interest includes writing articles pertaining to HR Analytics and upcoming trends in HR industry.

Firstly, if I have the power to enforce rules I would educate children at the elementary level by bringing in gender equality subject focusing on both sexes as follows:

1) For boys- Girls are equal as boys in every aspect of life. Ill treatment to females is an offensive act. Girls/Women are not sex objects, they are as human as boys/men.(sex education in place)

2) For girls- Do not demean yourself for the sake of going ahead in life. Girls have equal rights to get educated and lead happy lives. They are not meant to stay at the mercy of men or anyone in the world.

Secondly, if I have the power I will offer grants to women in the form of free education and taking care of their livelihood so that they can stand on their own feet. This would help in putting a barrier to malpractices like women trafficking and flesh trade which encourages the women to get indulged in wrong practices that ruins their life for the sake of money.

Thirdly, starting training centers for girls/women in every city and state where they can be encouraged and trained to love themselves. Depression or Suicides are a common occurrence on small break ups and trivial fights. Training in the form of religion, faith and value creation would help them be strong and independent.

Fourthly, punishment of ‘Hang till death’ for people who indulge in rapes , molestation and other wrong practices because I believe that soul once ruined can never be healed by any government grants!

God has made ‘women’ as givers; they should not be treated as objects. No one must forget that the life of every next individual on this earth is because of a woman! Even though technology has enhanced by heaps and bounds women have lost the power to even love themselves in the race of loving and giving others.

Instead of saying to other people that “please respect women” I would give a message to women themselves “Please love and protect yourself at all times as you are the most beautiful creation of God”

Second Prize [ Sling Bag ] Winner of Women’s Day Giveaway 2015 – Sneha Mittal

An empowered modern day woman pursuing MBA at IIM-Udaipur! She is also a digital marketing enthusiast and food blogger at

I would grant the money to something that will straighten the root of all the problems – “EDUCATION”. I believe, more than anything else, we need to concentrate on women empowerment through spreading education. This in turn will help the nation progress along with its women

Third Prize [ Cosmetic Pouch ] Winner of Women’s Day Giveaway 2015 – Sanchita Agarwal

Pursuing M.A. in Human Resource Management & Labour Relations from Tata Institute of Social Sciences! She strongly believes that women must ‘Lean In’ and empower themselves in the corporate setup

Free education for meritorious girls upto 12th standard. Education is the only solution to all economic, social woes , gives insight into political functioning , rights and duties and makes one powerful enough to stand and face everything. Investing in education is indirectly investing in all spheres. So go ahead and promote education

Heartfelt Congratulations to all of you!!!!!

Women’s Day 2015 Guest Blogger – Ms. Anita Ahuja, Creative Director, Conserve India & Conserve HRP India!!!!!!!!!!!

Women behind this empire Conserve India & Conserve HRP.  A Multifaceted personality – writer, artist, designer, Social Entrepreneur.  Most of all warm and loving person!!

Thank you Ms. Ahuja for brushing your strokes in this space.

Over to Ms. Ahuja……

The words, “make it happen” make me believe that it should be more of a mission and vision for everyone. Being a professional I have several problems. What makes me get out of bed each morning is the thought that I have to make it happen. While taking a morning walk, I make small signs on the pavement my immediate target goals and keep looking at the distant trees as my midterm goals. It includes both personal as well as professional goals. I put all my energy, physical, spiritual and mental strength behind the thought that I have to make it happen. My eyes are always looking for some interesting waste, either in the municipal stream or industrial. My mind keeps pondering about different ways to transform waste into something sell-able. There are times; I receive waste which is smelly, rather obnoxious. But I do not reject it. I let it absorb within me. My mind is ticking away, how I can recreate, re-purpose it ? When I am working with the rag pickers, I think how I get them out of this stinking poverty. After all, this is man-made poverty!! There must be a way out. And my mind says, make it happen.

Things do happen, and you need to believe in it!!!!