Women’s Day 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

This post makes us quite nostalgic. In 2014, we took baby steps to step into the social media world. One initiative was to start the blog.

Our 2014 kicked off with this blog. We were just starting off and  decided to celebrate Women’s Day. Well, we came up with Guest Blogging event.

With so much apprehension, we approached some exceptionally talented ladies to add grace to the blog. They were so large hearted that they agreed to do the guest blog. Inspite of their busy schedules, they wrote for us. So was their generosity.

At the end of the day, we hosted our first and the most successful GUEST BLOGGING EVENT

We hosted the guest blogging event in honor of Women’s Day. Our guest bloggers and their inspiring words gave us so much inspiration. It made us work really hard and made us to crave a niche for ourselves in the world of Social Media

Now after a year, we have sketched so many ideas and trying to make things happen.

At this moment, we are ready to celebrate Women’s Day 2015 with another guest blogging event.

Yes, you heard it right! Once again this year, we have some immensely talented ladies to add charm to the blog

They are hear to tell us – “Make it Happen”

Are you ready to get inspired and make it happen ?

Stay here, we will come back soon!


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