Fair and Ethical Fashion Show!!!!!

All of us here at Conserve India are busy preparing for the 2 upcoming trade fairs. It’s time to give a sneak peak of Fair and Ethical Fashion Show. It is the very first fair, ethical and sustainable fashion exhibition in Milan. Here, world class Italian and international experiences are targeted specifically to fashion companies, buyers and media. The venue [Spazio ex-Ansaldo spaces] is a real icing on the cake. After all, the venue is in the heart of the fashion district and it is being commonly used for top class fashion events.

Another reason to rejoice is that all exhibitors are FTOs either producing or marketing garments or fashion accessories. Also, all these companies comply with the ethical criteria for producing garments and fashion accessories.

Conserve India is really honoured to be a part of this legacy!

Don’t forget to catch us from 21 to 24 May 2015 at Fair and Ethical Fashion Show

Source – http://www.fairtradeweek2015.org/fair/speaker-lineup/fair-and-ethical-fashion-show/?lang=en



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