Best Associate of July 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Conserve India is really honored to share the name of Best Associate of July 2015 – “Ms. Karuna Singh – Director, Earth Day Network India ””

We like to thank Ms. Singh for her valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with her. Look forward to associate with her very soon in the future.

And, Ms. Singh is not a new face to our ardent blog readers. The first acquaintance happened HERE


 Best Associate July

What to do with the loads of discarded sari?

Sari is one of the most revered symbol that is associated with grace and elegance.

A product that is usually much loved and used tends to find huge space in dumpster too.

So, what to do with the loads of discarded sari ?

Well, at Conserve India we like to innovate and create some quintessential Pouf like this one below.

So, do you have any new ideas to use the discarded sari?


What to do with the discarded recycled plastic carpets?

When you have loads of discarded PET bottles. What would you do?

It is indeed a trend to recycle the PET bottles and create recycled plastic carpet.  It is no big brainer. Almost everyone is aware of this technique!

But, what to do with the discarded recycled plastic carpet?

Well, at Conserve India, we like to innovate and create some trendy trash cans like this one below.

So, do you have any new ideas to use the discarded recycled plastic carpet ?


What to do with the bottle caps?

Most of the recycling centers ask patrons to remove and discard the bottle caps prior to the recycling of plastic or glass bottles. Of course, there may or may not be some exceptions. We are talking about majority here.

So, what to do with the bottle caps or tops?

Well, at Conserve India, we like to innovate and create some beautiful bottle cap table, bottle cap basket, bottle cap container etc.

So, do you any new ideas to use the discarded bottle caps ?


Summer 2015 Collection through the lens of Creative Director Anita Ahuja !!!!!!!

We are overwhelmed with the response for our summer 2015 collection. Thank you guys for all the love an appreciation. So, today, we have the lady herself talk about the inspiration behind the summer 2015 collection.

Over to Ms. Ahuja…..

Really elated to see the response for summer 2015 collection! And, I am very happy to share the inspiration behind this summer 2015 collection.

The change from analogue to digital was my first motivation. This change bought me closer to specialized shops like an online store exclusively for ties or lingerie. I brainstormed the notion with my flair for upcycling which ultimately gave birth to Upcycled Denim Collection. Earlier we did create denim collection or more appropriately denim label collection. But the influence of specialized shops made me create exclusive denim collection like the one you see below

how beautiful is it

There are countless innovations in this digital world. One such revolution is catching the glimpse of hotel room interiors even before you physically stay there.  Well, the trend is travelling to the future. The upcycled plastic carpet collection was born, when I tried seeing the same concept through my creative lens. My notion of travelling to the future revealed the idea of reshaping your discarded interiors like plastic carpet into an statement handbag like this one below.


And, Imperfection is becoming a trend in this digital world. This very same idea encouraged me to design my new interior collection. It made me to add a bunch of different (read imperfect) bottle caps on an iron frame and create this stool.


To close off, I was very glad to hear the response for the summer 2015 collection. I hope, you will continue encouraging us in the future too.

Honored to be part of this illustrious list!!!!!!!

Extremely excited to share this!

HerStory published a list of women who made/makes positive intervention in the lives of many. It is a list of distinguished women social entrepreneurs. Creative Director Anita Ahuja is part of this illustrious list. And we are super elated to share this with you!

 On that note, many thanks to Ms. Saswati Mukerjee for this inclusion!

You can read more about this over HERE


Conserving Nature, Conserving Mother Earth

Thank you Fair Trade Forum India!!! Thank you very much!


With growing population it has become very important to conserve our natural resources for new generations. We need to recycle the waste to conserve our natural resources. It a simple process of reusing the items from which utility can still be derived. With the same mission to protect the environment – Conserve India has been working for the betterment of the environment.

We are proud to share that the mission of Conserve India has been recognised in a recent E-Book Pathways to Green Cities: Innovative Ideas from India, Volume II. In this book Conserve India has been covered under the title ‘Accessorize your Waste’.

Ms Anita Ahuja, Founder of Conserve India, also got the opportunity to share her views in another book titled Beauty Renewed- Recycled art & artist in India by Robin Passi.

Conserve India Pic

Conserve India was started with a desire to reduce waste mountains from cities and…

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How beautiful is this ?

Well, if you are one of those hard core fan of our collection, then we are sure you would have noticed this difference. All this while, we have created a lot of magic with denim labels. But this time for our summer 2015 collection, our focus got shifted a bit. Or It will also be appropriate to say that our innovation is reaching new heights every day. Hence this time we went with this – Upcycled Denim Collection [as opposed to our previous Denim Label Collection ]

how beautiful is it


So, how beautiful is this ??

Introducing Novica !!!!!!!

Extremely elated to introduce Novica!  Novica is an web shop that sells home decor, jewelry and gifts which were created by the most talented artisans around the world. The fair trade and fair price Novica is home to some exceptionally talented 2000 artisans around the world. Novica’s commitments are very impressive. One of their commitments is – they connect artisans to global market place of socially conscious customers. Being a fair trade advocate, they are also committed to the principle of “Respect to the Environment”. Another unique feature of Novica is their “Regional Support”, a team of local experts who provide artisans with all the backup they need.

On that note, we are really honored to start our journey with Novica!!!!!!!!!!

Do visit – We are sure, you will love them as much as we did!




Different Materials Different styles – All in one place !!!!!!!

We absolutely love 3 words – up-cycling, design and innovation. We tried our creativity on different materials and created different designs through our innovative approach.

When we see some discarded fire hose, our creativity urges us to create iPad Case in blue and white combination.


Just a glimpse of discarded seat belt, make us design a stunning black tote.


A flashing discarded banner calls for some innovative printed iPad Case.


So, wouldn’t be exciting, if we can shop all these under one roof ? Watch this space for more updates.