Best Associate of August 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Conserve India is really honored to share the name of “Best Associate of August 2015 – “Mr. Ajay Sharma – Small World India ””

We like to thank Mr. Sharma for his valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with him.  Look forward to associate with him very soon in the future.

Best Associate August

Tie-Dye Fashion !!!!!!!

Tie-dye technique is one of the oldest techniques known under a different name. It used to be called as resist dyeing.  The modern term of “Tie-Dye” came into practice only during 1960.

The current fashion industry is showing much interest in sophisticated tie-dye through monochromatic color schemes etc

Having said that, how can we be left behind? Hence, we came up with Tie-Dye Yoga Mats



Parachute Fabric and Yoga !!!!!!!

Parachute fabric is generally light and strong cloth like nylon. Some distinct properties of this specific fabric is tear resistance and elasticity.

During our yoga line design phase, the distinct properties of Parachute Fabric caught our attention.

Well, the result is here – Parachute Fabric Yoga Mat