Some Notable Entries of Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway – Part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share some notable entries of  Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway 

Ayan Deb and his Favorite Mentor – Mr. Rabindranath Ghosh

It was the time when I was in 3rd year of my engineering. Apart from my summer internship I also wanted to make an emergency light but the project was negated. I was not sure whether the circuit I had designed was correct or not. I approached my Electronics teacher. Lots of teachers don’t even bother to guide their students. But he was there for me. He was the one who mentored me, answered each and every query which I had. Ultimately I was able to make my emergency light but without him it would have been impossible.
Being an Electronics graduate when I decided to opt for IT sector the person who was hurt the most was my teacher who was not only my mentor but my philosopher and guide all throughout my engineering days. I love my electronics teacher, and sincerely hope that he continues to nurture young minds such that they can progress in life.

Annie Steffi Sydney and her favourite mentor Mr. M.D.Nicholas

Our college chairman M.D.Nicholas is an scientist but his another colour is teacher .He was very much attached with students. He give knowledgeable information to students and also he share his experience and encourage students to develop innovative skills and make them fix their goals and achieve in life. He is the chairman of the college but he treats all the students as his own child and plays the role of parent and care for them. Due to his encouragement, I received national awards and made innovation in different fields related to technology and also able to shine in extracurricular activities.

Pooja Tanaji Ghode and her favourite mentor Mr. Yogesh kale

He is my Favourite Sir because even if has achieved a lot in life he is still a “DOWN TO EARTH” PERSON and i Love him for that, Teaching is his passion and he does not teach for money but he want us to do something in our life rather than working in 9 to 5 shift, He has been always motivating me by his words and support ,He always says “Always think creative the opportunity lies around us we just need to observe and make it a big thing” and I am really glad that i got the opportunity to write about him!

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