Some Notable Entries of Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway – Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share some notable entries of  Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway 

Sovit and his favourite mentor Dr. Rajnish Sharma

He is the Dean Academics of Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh. He joined the university in the very first year of its establishment. There were a lot of Academics issues and issues to the students in relation to food and hostel since it was the inception of a new university. But as a Dean he did not lose his temperament and helped the students overcoming the problems like their best friends. I still remember that day when there was no water in the hostel and students went on strike, he came to college early morning at 5 a.m and provided the water in collaboration with local villagers. He did not hesitate in doing this work even as a Dean. Seeing his friendly and down to earth nature, there is a transformation among students in the university. Now every student of the university is a well deserving candidate for the companies. He has become the inspiration and role model for each student. He is not only providing employment to the students but also providing gems to the corporate world and has a great contribution in the economic and social welfare of the country. Respect for you Sir. It is because of your efforts the college is an attraction for each Company

Pankaj Yadav and his favourite mentor Nandan

He believes that answers are the easy part, important thing is to ask the right question. Gives option to explore our ideas in very diverse ways and doesn’t give us his opinions but presents both sides of the coin letting us to decide for ourselves.

Ankit Kumar Gupta and his favourite mentor Mr. Kaushik Desharkar

As Mr. Warren Buffet once said, “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.”  So having its knowledge makes you kind of a important in the financial world. My favourite teacher, Mr Kaushik Desharkar  has vast experience in the field of Derivatives, Trading futures & options & the way he makes every concept easy to understand makes him the best teacher for me. He owns this weapon of mass destruction.

P.S.- I’m a stock market enthusiast currently pursuing my PGDM,

Ajinkya Jadhav and his favourite mentor Mr. Girish Bapat

His dedication towards putting all his knowledge with enriched live example in our mind. He make us to scratch our mind to develop & share innovative & different ideas.His command over marketing & advertisement concepts is unbelievable.




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