Angela and The Lila Project!!!!!!!!!!!

We have always introduced our Best Associate of Month before hand or at least in the recognition post.  But, we haven’t done that for our Best Associate of September 2015. The reason being that their noble work deserves a separate post.

Our Best Associate Angela is the brain behind the “The Lila Project”. These folks are just starting out.

They started this project by carrying products from an enterprise named “I Love Syria”. A wonderful and compassionate woman named Rania Kinge started “I Love Syria” and through this venture she trains displaced women ( women who have lost their husbands and homes ) in weaving, jewelry making. And these women create most exquisite items using lovely stones, precious metals, and also beautiful woven bags. The most important aspect is that these women make efforts to keep ancient and traditional crafts alive, and also empowering them to help others.

Basically, thats the small gist of “The Lila Project”. You can Facebook them over HERE

In Angela’s words – “”The Lila Project”, recognizes the disparity between those living under conditions of war, or whatever the extreme circumstances may be. We pay up-front the entire amount for the purchase from wholesalers or retailers. Hence, new resources can be purchased easily. The Lila Project is not in it for the money, as all our profits just go into ensuring more products are made, thereby providing a continual flow of income for the ladies. Also staying in the place of their ancestors is very important, so we don’t see tragic migration, and desperation.”

To close off, You can Facebook them over HERE

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