Sustainable fundraising

In most non profits, fundraising is left to the founder of the organization or even to employees.This does not work at all in the long-term. Three ways to make your organization financially sustainable is.

The Board should be actively involved in fundraising. Most of them shy way when it comes to asking for money. They feel money-raising is not their job. They push the employees to apply for funding under various grants. But this does not work in a non-profit world. More and more agencies are asking for financial buy in from the Board, because they want the Boards to be actively involved in the project.

Create a long-term sustainable project, with a sound financial model. We created conserve hrp, as the marketing arm of Conserve India . This entity was responsible for producing and selling the products. It gave us financial stability and continuous funds to fund our social projects.

Creative campaigns  generate revenue. They also push sales. Try to align your campaigns as marketing efforts for the commercial enterprise. This really helped us from becoming a small producer group to a very large one. The two outfits fed on each other.


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