A Social Enterprise Label , is it necessary?

Social brands are increasing globally. Number of companies are racing to get their brands associated with social enterprise. CSR funds are being are being used to create social brands. More and more Ngo’s are moving towards a social enterprise model. The social enterprise industry is getting bigger and gaining attention globally.

European Union is thinking of creating a label, just as there is a label for organic products, fair trade products. But do we really need a label for social enterprises?

A top down solution will not work

Labels are always expensive for small producer groups. Getting certified and due diligence process cost money and highly educated manpower. Most social enterprises are managed by cooperative members. A top down solution is being suggested by the western world. We must not let this label emerge. Lets not set legal boundaries or be fooled by vested interests. It’s a sunrise industry .More innovation and newer models in this sector have yet to happen.