From Social Enterprise to Social Franchise


The social enterprise sector is growing rapidly . People are realizing its importance to take action on issues related to food ( has resulted in the rise of organic food industry), financial services, health services etc. Some of the matured social enterprises have started experimenting new ways on how quickly they can reach new beneficiaries , achieve larger impact and leverage efficiencies of scale without having to reinvent the wheel.


Turning everyday workings of a social enterprise into a systematic cooperation that can be easily replicated elsewhere can be tricky. Finding partners who are aligned to your values is challenging. We too are grappling with these issues. What kind of license do we grant, what training and support should we provide , and issues of branding and intellectual property.

Digital StillCamera


Conserve HRP grew rapidly in the last 12 years.. we made upcycled products and managed to get big and mainstream clients like @urbanoutfitters, @habitate , @adolfoDominique etc. We were also fully entrenched in the fair trade world. We went through several audits and were scaling up continually. But a watershed moment came and we realized as a social enterprise we would be making larger social impact if we scaled out rather than scaled up.

What do you think is the futrure of social enterprise? Scaling UP or Scaling OUT.

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