3 Ways To Control- Single Use Plastic by 2022

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Controlling The Monster

Items for which there are available sustainable alternatives make them accessible. eg plastic straws can be easily replaced by paper or steel

Items for which alternatives do not exist , for these items the objective is to limit their damage by better educating the consumer and making the producer financially responsible of the consequences on the environment.

Items which are already well captured , the objective is to make sure that they land in either existing or forthcoming recycling bins


What are the single use products that are to be phased out by 2022

  • food containers
  • cups for beverages
  • cotton bud sticks
  • cutlery, plates, stirrer, straws
  • sticks for balloons, balloons
  • packets and wrappers
  • beverage containers, their caps and lids – beverage bottles
  • tobacco product filters
  • sanitary items – wet wipes, sanitary towels
  • lightweight plastic carry bags

Banning has not ever worked – in any country


How do we prepare the people and how do we help the industry to phase out these products in a smooth manner?

A multi prong strategy – starting now !

  1. Consumption reduction
  2. Market restriction
  3. Product design requirement
  4. Marking requirement
  5. Extended producer responsibility or application of  polluter pay principle
  6. Separate collection objective
  7. Awareness raising measures


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