About us


To combat pollution by efficient waste management and to empower one of the most vulnerable community rag-picker


Trash is converted into fashion accessories by unique patented upcycling technology that relies upon HRP- Handmade Recycled Plastic at its core. The complete production process employs rag-pickers by providing ethical treatment and fair wages.

Value Proposition

The sustainable high quality upcycled HRP material and the original art prints that were used to create our fashion accessories provide its Social & Eco Conscious Customers with a cutting edge fashion.


A seed   “a localized initiative to manage the waste that weren’t managed by the concerned authorities” has blossomed into a huge Tree of life providing shade to 300 people. Apart from the shade, the Tree of Life also harvested 2 fruits – intelligent waste management and empowerment of the most vulnerable community rag-picker

Year 1999

Conserve India , leading not for profit organization was born out of a desire to reduce and reuse India’s growing mountain of waste, and simultaneously help the most vulnerable community of rag-pickers. The rag picker community is one that is unrepresented, voiceless, faceless, living on the fringes of society and yet performs an important task in the waste management process by collecting, sorting and selling plastic/recyclable waste. Conserve India was set up by Shalabh and Anita Ahuja, to recycle waste in their neighborhood, that was not managed by local authorities.  What began as a small localized initiative has grown leaps and bounds into a proven and viable model of environmental conservation, eco entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

Year 2004

Conserve India’s USP – Handmade Recycled Plastic (HRP) marked a breakthrough in the community efforts towards waste management in 2004. Conserve HRP, Business arm of Conserve was also launched.  The product line using the 4 step process of HRP ranges from day bags, hand bags, evening bags, beach bags, footwear, belts, jewellery as well as other fashion and home decor accessories.

Year 2006

A year of ultimate success! A milestone – We got our patent for the process of HRP – Handmade recycled plastic

Year 2011

Wholly owned factory is inaugurated in Bahadurgarh, Haryana and immediately becomes fully operational in with 300 manpower.

Awards & Accolades

  • 2006– Best Eco Design, Hong Kong trade show
  • 2007– Best Recycling Technology at plastindia
  • 2008– Anita Ahuja, Visionary was appointed as Ashoka Fellow
  • 2009– Anita Ahuja, Visionary was awarded Women Empowerment Award by Delhi Chief Minister
  • 2010– Best Green Designer, Qatar
  • 2011– Anita Ahuja, Creative Director received letter of Commendation – Honorable Bill Clinton
  • 2012– Anita Ahuja, Creative Director was awarded Contribution to Green Fashion by SOFT
  • 2012– Most Innovative Green Fashion by SOFT
  • 2012 – Shalabh Ahuja, Chief Executive Officer was nominated as Unreasonable Institute Fellow

Community Investing

There are 3 portfolios namely capacity building, health care and education

Capacity Building

  • Initiated – Year 2006
  • Beneficiaries – 1200 rag-pickers

Numbers are accurate as of January 2014

  • Soft skill training includes knowledge of Hindi, basic writing skills, understanding identity cards, opening  bank account, factory protocols like entering and leaving the factory at fixed working hours and hygiene protocols like using the toilet, keeping themselves neat and tidy, no spitting.
  • Technical skills includes training on using  sewing machines or die cutting machines or quality control or packaging that shape them as a skilled craft person and hence employable in a factory.
  • Also identified those with an entrepreneurial bent of mind and provided them soft loans to help them set up their own businesses

Health Care

  • Initiated – Year 2009
  • Beneficiaries – 2586 rag-pickers

Numbers are accurate as of January 2014

  • Conserve’s Mobile Health Clinic has largely minimized the health issues due to unhygienic work conditions of sorting trash
  •  Mobile Health Clinic also minimized the long standing health issues that were left untreated due to the accessibility of health care infrastructure.
  • Mobile Health Clinic visits doorsteps of every rag-pickers home to provide basic checkups, diagnostic services and referrals


  • Initiated – School named “Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra” in May 2012
  • Beneficiaries – 100, sons and daughters of rag-pickers

Numbers are accurate as of January 2014

  • Houses Play School, Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • New class level is added when kids graduate every year
  • Teachers are from local community except for art teacher who herself is a immensely talented rag-picker who was further trained for excellence.

Center of Adult Literacy

  • Initiated – 2012
  • Beneficiaries – 30 Women

Numbers are accurate as of January 2014

  • Sessions in Hindi, Arithmetic and Counseling

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi, I live in France and I try to communicate with Conserve India because i’d like to buy many of your products. But the mail I have “webshop@conserveindia.org” doesn’t work.
    How can I buy your products?
    Thank you so much,
    Vicki Bourdages


    • Hello Vicki,
      Really glad to receive your message. We are really looking forward for this business relationship. Please kindly comment here with your email id. We will reply you with the correct email id.
      Once again, thanks for your message. Really look forward to hear from you
      Conserve India Team


      • Thanks for the email. You should be hearing from the Creative Director soon. We don’t want to make your “email visible to everyone in a public domain like blog”. Hence we are not approving the comment. Hope you understand the reason behind this. Once again, thanks for the email


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