The Disobedient Wife – Annika Milisic-Stanley

A while ago, we did a series called “Monthly Monday Book Review”.  But then, demands and expectations changed so does the blog sections.

After a long gap, it’s once again, “Book Time”, we have always been and will always remain as advocates of Women Empowerment. Our Women’s Day Celebrations vouch for that!

So, when we came across a book dedicated to “Women”, we couldn’t stop ourselves.  Saving the best for the last, do grab your copy of “The Disobedient Wife by Annika Milisic-Stanley” on or after 01 November 2015 at your nearest book store!!!!!!!!

Not so ordinary: Kelly McJannett

Kelly, Thanks for talking about Conserve India & Conserve HRP! Also, Glad to know that your time at Delhi was one of your favorite memories!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Feldtmann

Problem solver. Food securer. Not accepting we can’t do better.  

Kelly McJannett is a Sydney woman on a mission. And it is a big mission: to address malnutrition and help create financial security for women. Kelly is doing this through her organisation ‘Food Ladder’. 

Kelly McJannett (Photo: Matthew Abbott) Kelly McJannett (Photo: Matthew Abbott)

Tell us a little bit about your organisation, Food Ladder:

Food Ladder is an international NGO dedicated to addressing food security by empowering women to grow their own vegetables using our custom designed hydroponic greenhouse system.

Basically, we have appropriated commercial grade hydroponic technology, adapted it, and made it available to those who need it the most. It’s a solution which is innovative and replicable and we have been growing, fast!

Each Food Ladder becomes a social enterprise that creates financial security for the women themselves and addresses the dire implications of malnutrition and hunger in their local community. Each…

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Fashion with Conscience

Thank you Fair Trade Forum India for this mention!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever wondered that the rubbish and waste you throw out of your home, can be converted into products of high fashion?

Meet Conserve India & Ashoka fellow Anita Ahuja who devised a unique system of recycling to create fashion accessories exported to various countries in the world. With a motto of ‘Fashion with Conscious’ see how Conserve is working with rag pickers in Delhi & NCR to provide them sustainable livelihood.

The products of Conserve India have become Agents For Change.

Born of a desire to reduce India’s mountain of waste, improve energy efficiency and help some of Delhi’s poorest out of the city’s slums, Conserve India achieves all this by turning plastic bags into high fashion. The rag picker community is one that is underrepresented, voiceless, faceless, living on the fringes of society and yet performs an important task in the waste management process by collecting, sorting…

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Conserving Nature, Conserving Mother Earth

Thank you Fair Trade Forum India!!! Thank you very much!


With growing population it has become very important to conserve our natural resources for new generations. We need to recycle the waste to conserve our natural resources. It a simple process of reusing the items from which utility can still be derived. With the same mission to protect the environment – Conserve India has been working for the betterment of the environment.

We are proud to share that the mission of Conserve India has been recognised in a recent E-Book Pathways to Green Cities: Innovative Ideas from India, Volume II. In this book Conserve India has been covered under the title ‘Accessorize your Waste’.

Ms Anita Ahuja, Founder of Conserve India, also got the opportunity to share her views in another book titled Beauty Renewed- Recycled art & artist in India by Robin Passi.

Conserve India Pic

Conserve India was started with a desire to reduce waste mountains from cities and…

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Conserve India is honoured to be associated with WE’VE Built!!!!!!!!!!!!

All those folks who sift through our distributor page should already be well aware of the fact that WE’VE BUILT carry our products.

On that note, we are super excited to share this news. WE’VE built links with crowdfunder for social good (Courtesy – HERE)

It’s our honor to congratulate WE’VE Built !! On that same note, we also like to wish them good luck for all their future endeavors.

[Please DO visit THIS PAGE for more information ]

Product Review from Earth Day 2015 Giveaway Winner – Dr. Ruma Bhargava

We are super excited to share this product review from Earth Day 2015 Giveaway

 “I am writing you to express my heartfelt gratitude, for the Flowery Bag given by you as the First Prize in Earth day Give Away.

 The quality of the bag gives me a glimpse of the amazing work, your organisation is doing in creating “magic” out of waste. By recycling the trash you are not only helping to conserve India, but our Mother Earth as well.

 All the best in your quest to save the environment, and once again a big thanks for a cherished memento.”

Thanks Dr. Bhargava for your lovely review. We value your time!!!

produt review



Honored to be part of DILY – Delhi, I Love You!

We are extremely excited to share with you that we will be part of DILY ( Delhi, I love you).

For uninitiated, it is a long term movement that has variety of components. First and foremost is the screening of a film by name DILY . It will be followed by a series of 120 events that will be promoting the city – Delhi, its artists, its dreamers, its poets, and simply its people and their initiatives to make the city better. This movement will happen in  180 neighborhoods of Delhi and will be endorsed by the 20 Indians and foreign actors participating in the movie

DILY will basically be a platform to promote all the available positive energies in Delhi, to connect people and organizations that do not usually work together. It also aims to celebrate the city – Delhi with an international movie.

And, this is going to be real biggie with the participation of 150 artist, writers, and individuals and with dozens of NGOs and government bodies.

We will update you with more details soon.

Meantime, follow the happenings HERE

World Fair Trade Week!!!!!!!!

World Fair Trade Week, a biennial event that takes place during odd years like 2013, 2015, 2017 and so on. It is a weeklong celebration during which International Fair Trade activities are organized. The week-long event will focus on the innovative meaning of Fair Trade. It will be represented through the concept of “responsibility.”  Global network of Artisans, farmers, marketers, promoters and advocates will share their Fair Trade experiences.

This 2015 will be year of Milan, Italy. Milan will host the week-long celebrations through various events from 23 to 31 May 2015. It includes events like WFTO Conference, Fair Trade International Symposium, International Fair Trade Expo, fashion show, and many more.

Amidst all the celebration, Milan will also be nominated the ‘Global Capital of Fair Trade’. After all, it hosts hundreds of fair traders and Fair Trade Organizations worldwide.

On ending note, we personally look forward for 2 events – Fair & Ethical Fashion Week and Milan Fair City

Watch this space for more updates!

Give in more ways than one with the Fabia Seatbelts Bag this Christmas

Thank you Megan, for this lovely post. We are really honored to be featured in your blog. Also, quite humbled by your words. Once again, thanks for this gesture !!!!!

Paradigm Shift – Will there be “space” for Social Enterprises?

There was a time when seller needs to look for “Place or Market Place” to sell his products or conduct transactions.

But not anymore!!!!!!!

Today, a seller is good to go if he registers a domain and uploads his products, then he is all set to sell his products or conduct transactions.

The concept of “brick and mortar or Market Place” is vanishing.  It’s all about “click of mouse”.

This paradigm shift gave rise to a new term – “Market Space”

Market Space” is a term used to describe the electronic market places unbound by time and space.  In these “Market Space” physical goods, services and information are exchanged through computer networks.

This “Market Space” caught so much attention that American Marketing Association changed the definition of Marketing in the year 2005 by stressing customer relationship as critical factor of success.

Verdict of “Market Space” – Customers relationship is the top priority and customers can shop, place orders 24/7.

Well, if you think that’s about the verdict, you will be sadly mistaken. There is another dimension to this Verdict – Verdict from Producer Point of View.

“Market Space” from Producer’s Point of View

A)  Design and implementation of online experience is still not an easy cake walk for huge % of producers

B)  Firms lose control over the information that is disseminated about their company or products. It has the potential to give positive reputation, but also negative reputation.

Let’s move 1 step forward and find “Market Space” from Social Enterprise’s (the one that produce and sell products for Social good) Point of View

1) The magnitude of problems listed in Point A and Point B of Producer’s Point of View is way too large for this Social Enterprise sector

In that case, Will there be “space” for Social Enterprises (the one that produce and sell products for Social Good) in this paradigm shift?

2) Customer relationship being the critical factor of success poses huge problem for Social Enterprises. In this Global Market Space, Customer Relationship means more of handling educated, high income customers. All this boils down to – “English is Mandatory?”

It is undeniable fact that vulnerable and lower strata population are the core of Social Enterprises

In that case, Will there be “space” for Social Enterprises (the one that produce and sell products for Social Good) in this paradigm shift?

3) The “Market Space” substitutes technology for human interaction. It is a huge curse for Social Enterprise.

One of the mandates of Social Enterprise is to increase jobs.

In that case, Will there be “space” for Social Enterprises (the one that produce and sell products for Social Good) in this paradigm shift?

Unfortunately, the answer for – “Will there be “space” for Social Enterprises (the one that produce and sell products for Social Good) in this paradigm shift?” is quite gloomy at this point of time.

Only time can answer this Q – Will there be “space” for Social Enterprises?


Even “Social Enterprise” will become the territory of Product Managers, Brand Managers, Digital Acquisition Managers or Social Media Managers  or most importantly Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] Managers ?

Meet our lovely loyal customers!!!!!

In our Radical Marketing post, we talked a lot about our long lasting customer.

 So, how about acquainting them to our readers?

 Without any further ado, meet our lovely loyal customers who have been with us forever

 1)      Elpuente – Germany

 Angela Lepa sourcing manager of Elpuente – Germany saw our recycled plastic products in a trade show – World Shop Fair at a stall of one of our buyers.

 Well, she loved them and started searching for us. Finally she met us 4 years back in 2010.

Since then she has bought many of our ranges. What’s more fascinating about Angela Lepa is that she loves to experiment. She always adds a couple of our Creative Director Anita Ahuja’s experimental designs to her catalog.

They are one of the biggest whole sellers and sell our products to about 1000 shops in Germany

Do check them here –

2)      Globo – Germany

Globo found out how popular our stuff was.  And, they came looking for us. They are with us since two years.

Their generosity needs a very special mention.

Globo helped our school “Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra”.

Last year, heavy rain damaged the roofs and walls of the school. Ultimately led to leaking and posed huge problem in regular functioning of the school.

Globo generously donated 60, 000 INR for the repairs. Their generous gesture helped around 100 children to continue their education without any hindrance.

 Do check them here –

 3)      Lama Li – France

David and his wife Isabella, designer are one of our most loyal customers. They have been with us since 2005.

Thank you is not just enough for David & Isabella’s support. We are so indebted to them.

Still, Thanks a million David & Isabella. We love you!

Do check them here –