Setting Up And Training In A Grassroot Workshop

Some pointers based on my experience with working with rural and urban community members

Digital StillCamera


The key purpose of the training program is always, “how do we enable increased access to livelihood opportunities for the community.” Mapping and exploring their  outside environment, and their inner fears and insecurities. Understanding their skills and available resources as  a group is key to a successful setting up and running of a social enterprise.

objectives of the training are:

  • Developing mechanisms to identify problems, gaps , needs or challenges in their environment and to come up with practical solutions.
  • Identifying and articulating their individual skills, knowledge, passion, talent – whatever they can bring to the table
  • Ideas to put all available resources, land, capital and time to productive use of earning an increased income and reduce unemployment
  • Be able to initiate AND run a sustainable social enterprise. Take responsibility and ownership.

    Inspirational quote – Bill Drayton , Ashoka

    Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give fish or teach you how to fish. they will not rest until they have changed the fishing industry

Canvas and Digital Printing !!!!!!!

Digital Printing Technique is one of the most versatile technique that works on almost all colors. The amazing quality of digital printing is that you can get many colors in one print. The versatility is also extended to the materials (that is) it works on almost every material like leather, firehose, canvas etc.

Here is a sample for you – Conserve India’s Canvas Digital Printed Sling Bag



Textile Scrapes !!!!!!!

Textile scrapes are umbrella term for variety of materials like used clothes, discarded fibrous materials and clothing scraps from manufacturing processes. They are very versatile and can be used to create variety of fashion accessories

Here are some samples from our collection

Textile Scrapes Tote


 Textile Scrapes Cosmetic Pouch


The craziest you can do is -do nothing about it !!!!!!!

There is little doubt that climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. It affects all 7.3 billion of us. The Pope, Barack Obama and even Elon Musk have said we all ought to do our share to fix it. Yet most of us don’t know what to do or where to start.

Our friends at Republic of Change have come up with an interesting idea to get people involved by planting trees for $1 each. It’s a great way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and they have some great perks for those who want to plant more than a handful of trees.

You might want to check out their campaign and plant a tree or three

You can check out the campaign HERE

I am someone!!!!!!!

If you’re ready to join the doers making change happen, check out what our friends at Republic of Change are up to. .

You can check out the campaign HERE


Trees give us the oxygen we breathe !!!!!!!

You can help turn this around by planting a tree for only $1. You can’t even buy a cup of coffee for $1.

You can check out the campaign HERE


Plant a Tree !!!!!!!

Our friends at Republic of Change are uniting everyday heroes to plant trees.

You probably know climate change affects all 7.3 billion of us. Planting trees is a great way for us to do our share by helping remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Scientists at the UN, NASA, NOAA and IPCC agree that trees are the best technology we have available today to combat the effects of climate change.

You might want to check out their campaign and consider planting a tree for just $1.

You can check out the campaign HERE

Every small action matters !!!!!!!

If you want to take part in a movement of everyday heroes making the world a better place, check out what our friends at Republic of Change are up to

You can check out the campaign HERE


Taking on Climate Change !!!!!!!

Our friends at Republic of Change are bringing together everyday heroes to take on climate change.

They’re running a wonderful campaign to remove CO2 from the atmosphere by planting mangrove trees. You can join them by planting a tree for $1 or you can support them by picking up beautiful, sustainable holiday cards, eco-designer tees and other fantastic rewards. But hurry because the campaign ends soon.

You can check out the campaign HERE

Baseball cap !!!!!!!

Baseball cap is a type of cap with rounded crown and stiff peak projecting in the front. Name may sound like sports centric one!!!! But in reality, these caps finds its use in varied places. Baseball cap are used in Professional set-up like United States Armed Forces. And then, as a part of  commercial marketing, companies etch base ball caps with their logo and give the same as free gift. In fact this promotional use, even fetch a name called “gimme cap” for baseball cap.

At Conserve India, baseball caps are part of our collection. Below is a Unisex Leather Baseball Cap!


Embellishments !!!!!!!

Embellishments are decorative detail or ornamental feature added to a fashion accessory or a textile product to make it more attractive. At Conserve India, we have huge number of embellished collections in our catalog.

1. Satin & Leather Embellished Belt 


2. Black & Gold Leather Embellished Cap


3. Black & Silver Leather Embellished Cap


Marvelous Motifs !!!!!!!

Technically, Motif is a smaller element in a much larger textile embroidery work. Smaller Motifs are made one at a time and joined together to get the final product. Another unique feature of motif is that, the pattern and stitches used in motif vary greatly with just one unifying factor. Texture, Stitch Pattern, Color etc are some of the common unifying factor. One can motifs in purses, textiles, blankets etc.

We have also used “Motif” in our catalogs. Below is an Faux Leather Clutch with Hand Stitched Motif and Up-Cycled Silk Lining!


Oh Shiny Satin !!!!!!!

Satin is a special type of weave that typically has a glossy shiny surface on one side and dull back. This weave imparts high luster.  It is commonly used in fashion industry for evening gowns, neck ties etc. It also finds a special place in Interior Designing world for furnishing fabrics. It is often the fabric of choice, when luxury is the style quotient.

Having said that. high end fashion accessories is our forte. So, we have also used Satin in our catalogs.  Below is an satin embellished belt, one of our prized product!!!!!!!!


Versatile Techniques – Part 2 !!!!!!!

We left you with a guessing game in THIS PREVIOUS POST

Any guesses?

Let see, if you got it right!

Well, “Screen Printing” was the technique we were talking about.  When compared to traditional printing, it is considered as the most versatile one. This process can be done using variety of inks and on variety of materials like textiles, ceramics, wood, paper, glass metal etc

The product in the PREVIOUS POST (same as the one below) was of screen printed canvas tote with leather handle (canvas tote with screen printing technique and leather handle).


Versatile Techniques – Part 1 !!!!!!!

Until now, we have talked about various versatile materials like cotton, tyre tube etc. In reality, versatility is just not limited to fabrics. The versatility is extended even to techniques including many Printing Techniques

Any guesses ?? If you are blank or confused, then lets give you a clue. The clue is the image. For now, we will leave a product image. You should be able to get it right from that. Lets see, if you win this guessing game.


Versatile Cotton – Part 4 !!!!!!!

As said in one of the PREVIOUS POST, cotton is a very versatile material. And we have made best use of that by blending it with different materials.

If you still doubt, you need to have a look at these products of ours.

 1) Cotton thread tassels & Jute


2) Cotton thread tassels & Jute


Now, are we guys on the same page ?

Versatile Cotton – Part 3 !!!!!!!

As said in one of the PREVIOUS POST, cotton is a very versatile material. And we have made best use of that by blending it with different materials.

If you still doubt, you need to have a look at these products of ours.

 1) Cotton & Woven Jute


2) Cotton with Leather


Now, are we guys on the same page ?

Versatile Cotton – Part 2 !!!!!!!

As said in one of the PREVIOUS POST, cotton is a very versatile material. And we have made best use of that.

If you still doubt, you need to have a look at these products of ours.

 1) Cotton Yoga Mat


2) Cotton Yoga Cushion


3) Cotton Yoga Belt


4) Cotton Yoga Mat Bag


Now, are we guys on the same page ?

Not so ordinary: Kelly McJannett

Kelly, Thanks for talking about Conserve India & Conserve HRP! Also, Glad to know that your time at Delhi was one of your favorite memories!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Feldtmann

Problem solver. Food securer. Not accepting we can’t do better.  

Kelly McJannett is a Sydney woman on a mission. And it is a big mission: to address malnutrition and help create financial security for women. Kelly is doing this through her organisation ‘Food Ladder’. 

Kelly McJannett (Photo: Matthew Abbott) Kelly McJannett (Photo: Matthew Abbott)

Tell us a little bit about your organisation, Food Ladder:

Food Ladder is an international NGO dedicated to addressing food security by empowering women to grow their own vegetables using our custom designed hydroponic greenhouse system.

Basically, we have appropriated commercial grade hydroponic technology, adapted it, and made it available to those who need it the most. It’s a solution which is innovative and replicable and we have been growing, fast!

Each Food Ladder becomes a social enterprise that creates financial security for the women themselves and addresses the dire implications of malnutrition and hunger in their local community. Each…

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Versatile Cotton – Part 1 !!!!!!!

Cotton simply put is a fluffy staple fiber.  It may sound simple, but it is indeed an enormously huge topic.  Its history dates back to pre-historic times. It is often claimed that fragments of cotton fabric dated 5000 B.C. have been excavated from Mexico and Ancient India or Indus Valley Civilization. It has many feathers in its cap – Natural Fibre, Breathable Textile, Recyclable etc

Most of all, it is very versatile! It is used in textile industry for clothing. It is also used in manufacturing of fishing nets and coffee filters. It finds its place in food industry as Cottonseed oil. It has also retained its place in stationery industry through its use in creation of cotton paper and book binding.

At Conserve India, we have also made the best use of this feature of cotton –  “versatility”

Watch this space for “Versatile Cotton” Series!!!!!!!

Angela and The Lila Project!!!!!!!!!!!

We have always introduced our Best Associate of Month before hand or at least in the recognition post.  But, we haven’t done that for our Best Associate of September 2015. The reason being that their noble work deserves a separate post.

Our Best Associate Angela is the brain behind the “The Lila Project”. These folks are just starting out.

They started this project by carrying products from an enterprise named “I Love Syria”. A wonderful and compassionate woman named Rania Kinge started “I Love Syria” and through this venture she trains displaced women ( women who have lost their husbands and homes ) in weaving, jewelry making. And these women create most exquisite items using lovely stones, precious metals, and also beautiful woven bags. The most important aspect is that these women make efforts to keep ancient and traditional crafts alive, and also empowering them to help others.

Basically, thats the small gist of “The Lila Project”. You can Facebook them over HERE

In Angela’s words – “”The Lila Project”, recognizes the disparity between those living under conditions of war, or whatever the extreme circumstances may be. We pay up-front the entire amount for the purchase from wholesalers or retailers. Hence, new resources can be purchased easily. The Lila Project is not in it for the money, as all our profits just go into ensuring more products are made, thereby providing a continual flow of income for the ladies. Also staying in the place of their ancestors is very important, so we don’t see tragic migration, and desperation.”

To close off, You can Facebook them over HERE

Fashion with Conscience

Thank you Fair Trade Forum India for this mention!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you ever wondered that the rubbish and waste you throw out of your home, can be converted into products of high fashion?

Meet Conserve India & Ashoka fellow Anita Ahuja who devised a unique system of recycling to create fashion accessories exported to various countries in the world. With a motto of ‘Fashion with Conscious’ see how Conserve is working with rag pickers in Delhi & NCR to provide them sustainable livelihood.

The products of Conserve India have become Agents For Change.

Born of a desire to reduce India’s mountain of waste, improve energy efficiency and help some of Delhi’s poorest out of the city’s slums, Conserve India achieves all this by turning plastic bags into high fashion. The rag picker community is one that is underrepresented, voiceless, faceless, living on the fringes of society and yet performs an important task in the waste management process by collecting, sorting…

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Clean India or Swachh Bharat!!!!!!!!

“Clean India Campaign or Swacch Bharat Campaign”, a national campaign was officially launched by Prime Minister Modi on 02 October 2014. It was carried forward by people from all walks of life.

Now, It has officially completed 1 full year. And all sorts of productive and innovative stuff including Citizen Engagement Campaign have been initiated to commemorate the first anniversary.

From our side, we are really proud of our baby – “Clean India Giveaway”

And, yes, we hear you!!!

Results will be announced very soon.


Best Associate of September 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Conserve India is really honored to share the name of “Best Associate of September 2015 – “Ms. Angela – The Lila Project ””

We like to thank Ms. Angela for her valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with her.  Look forward to associate with her very soon in the future.

Best Associate September