Excitement continues with Milan Fair City!!!!!

Well, we are back with new show. This time it is Milan Fair City. Excitement continues!!!!!!!!!

Have a look over HERE

Fashion Show at Fair and Ethical Fashion show!!!!!

We are super excited to share this Fashion show pictures with you especially since it happened in Fashion Capital, Milan

Have a look over HERE


Conserve India in Fashion Capital Milan – Italy!!!!!

Well, we are officially in Fashion Capital Milan – Italy. Here are the pictures of the fair inauguration by the Mayor.




Honored to be part of DILY – Delhi, I Love You!

We are extremely excited to share with you that we will be part of DILY ( Delhi, I love you).

For uninitiated, it is a long term movement that has variety of components. First and foremost is the screening of a film by name DILY . It will be followed by a series of 120 events that will be promoting the city – Delhi, its artists, its dreamers, its poets, and simply its people and their initiatives to make the city better. This movement will happen in  180 neighborhoods of Delhi and will be endorsed by the 20 Indians and foreign actors participating in the movie

DILY will basically be a platform to promote all the available positive energies in Delhi, to connect people and organizations that do not usually work together. It also aims to celebrate the city – Delhi with an international movie.

And, this is going to be real biggie with the participation of 150 artist, writers, and individuals and with dozens of NGOs and government bodies.

We will update you with more details soon.

Meantime, follow the happenings HERE

Milan Fair City!!!!!

All of us here at Conserve India are busy preparing for the 2 upcoming trade fairs. We already gave a sneak peak of Fair and Ethical Fashion Show. Milan Fair City is an international exhibition held during World Fair Trade Week. The Milan Fair City will host more than 250 exhibitors’ from30 countries in the 4 continents.

On that note, Conserve India is really honored to be featured in the list of exhibitors over  HERE

Don’t forget to catch us from 28 to 31 May 2015 at Milan Fair City


Fair and Ethical Fashion Show!!!!!

All of us here at Conserve India are busy preparing for the 2 upcoming trade fairs. It’s time to give a sneak peak of Fair and Ethical Fashion Show. It is the very first fair, ethical and sustainable fashion exhibition in Milan. Here, world class Italian and international experiences are targeted specifically to fashion companies, buyers and media. The venue [Spazio ex-Ansaldo spaces] is a real icing on the cake. After all, the venue is in the heart of the fashion district and it is being commonly used for top class fashion events.

Another reason to rejoice is that all exhibitors are FTOs either producing or marketing garments or fashion accessories. Also, all these companies comply with the ethical criteria for producing garments and fashion accessories.

Conserve India is really honoured to be a part of this legacy!

Don’t forget to catch us from 21 to 24 May 2015 at Fair and Ethical Fashion Show

Source – http://www.fairtradeweek2015.org/fair/speaker-lineup/fair-and-ethical-fashion-show/?lang=en


World Fair Trade Week!!!!!!!!

World Fair Trade Week, a biennial event that takes place during odd years like 2013, 2015, 2017 and so on. It is a weeklong celebration during which International Fair Trade activities are organized. The week-long event will focus on the innovative meaning of Fair Trade. It will be represented through the concept of “responsibility.”  Global network of Artisans, farmers, marketers, promoters and advocates will share their Fair Trade experiences.

This 2015 will be year of Milan, Italy. Milan will host the week-long celebrations through various events from 23 to 31 May 2015. It includes events like WFTO Conference, Fair Trade International Symposium, International Fair Trade Expo, fashion show, and many more.

Amidst all the celebration, Milan will also be nominated the ‘Global Capital of Fair Trade’. After all, it hosts hundreds of fair traders and Fair Trade Organizations worldwide.

On ending note, we personally look forward for 2 events – Fair & Ethical Fashion Week and Milan Fair City

Watch this space for more updates!

Nostalgia – Visitors Viewing Products at Lotus Bazaar – Washington D.C!!!!!!!

Visitors viewing products at Lotus Bazaar- Washington D.C.

Source – http://www.rajeevsethi.com/projects/2004-lotus-bazaar-a.htm

visitors viewing products


Nostalgia – Artisans at their stall at Lotus Bazaar – Washington D.C!!!!!!!

Artisans at their stall at Lotus Bazaar- Washington D.C.

Source – http://www.rajeevsethi.com/projects/2004-lotus-bazaar-a.htm

Lotus Bazaar - Artisans


Gentle Remainder – 1 Day to go for Asian Heritage Foundation’s Lotus Bazaar!!!!!!!

All our ardent blog followers already received our INVITE

It’s time for gentle remainder.

Please join us for recycled collection [bags, fashion accessories etc] at Lotus Bazaar – Delhi from 28 March to 31 March 2015. The Venue is Lilly Pool Lawn, Hotel Ashoka Chanakyapuri. The bazaar is open from 5.30 p.m. on 28 March 2015. They are open from 12 Noon to 10 p.m. on 29, 30 and 31 March 2015.

Revisiting Lotus Bazaar – Barcelona!!!!!!!

Tree of Life installation [Another view] in Universal Forum Cultural, Barcelona

Source – http://www.rajeevsethi.com/projects/2004-lotus-bazaar-a.htm

tree of life