Setting Up And Training In A Grassroot Workshop

Some pointers based on my experience with working with rural and urban community members

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The key purpose of the training program is always, “how do we enable increased access to livelihood opportunities for the community.” Mapping and exploring their  outside environment, and their inner fears and insecurities. Understanding their skills and available resources as  a group is key to a successful setting up and running of a social enterprise.

objectives of the training are:

  • Developing mechanisms to identify problems, gaps , needs or challenges in their environment and to come up with practical solutions.
  • Identifying and articulating their individual skills, knowledge, passion, talent – whatever they can bring to the table
  • Ideas to put all available resources, land, capital and time to productive use of earning an increased income and reduce unemployment
  • Be able to initiate AND run a sustainable social enterprise. Take responsibility and ownership.

    Inspirational quote – Bill Drayton , Ashoka

    Social entrepreneurs are not content just to give fish or teach you how to fish. they will not rest until they have changed the fishing industry

East meets West Collection 2!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacquard, the French invention is widely used material for fashion accessories like totes, pouches etc. At Conserve India, we envisioned the very same Jacquard with some “Indian” touch of “Gold Sequins work”, whose origins dates back to 2500 BC in Indus Valley.

 The result – Metal Sequins Embellished Clutch


East meets West Collection 1!!!!!!!!!!!

Canvas that is widely used in western world for backpacks, pouches etc is an extremely durable plain woven fabric. At Conserve India, we envisioned the very same Canvas with some “Indian” touch of “Shisha or Mirror work embroidery”.

The result is here – Mirror embellished canvas pouch with tassels.


Sari Makeover!!!!!!!!!!!

Contemporary Fashion Designers utilize every chance to re-fashion the good old humble sari.  When we got our hands on bunch of discarded sarees, how can we be left behind ?

At Conserve India, we like to think out of the box.  We added 3 reclaimed wooden poles to the slab of discarded sarees. The end product was this scintillating stool with recycled sari seat and reclaimed wooden legs

So, do you have new ideas to use the discarded sarees ?


What to do with the loads of discarded sari?

Sari is one of the most revered symbol that is associated with grace and elegance.

A product that is usually much loved and used tends to find huge space in dumpster too.

So, what to do with the loads of discarded sari ?

Well, at Conserve India we like to innovate and create some quintessential Pouf like this one below.

So, do you have any new ideas to use the discarded sari?


What to do with the discarded recycled plastic carpets?

When you have loads of discarded PET bottles. What would you do?

It is indeed a trend to recycle the PET bottles and create recycled plastic carpet.  It is no big brainer. Almost everyone is aware of this technique!

But, what to do with the discarded recycled plastic carpet?

Well, at Conserve India, we like to innovate and create some trendy trash cans like this one below.

So, do you have any new ideas to use the discarded recycled plastic carpet ?


What to do with the bottle caps?

Most of the recycling centers ask patrons to remove and discard the bottle caps prior to the recycling of plastic or glass bottles. Of course, there may or may not be some exceptions. We are talking about majority here.

So, what to do with the bottle caps or tops?

Well, at Conserve India, we like to innovate and create some beautiful bottle cap table, bottle cap basket, bottle cap container etc.

So, do you any new ideas to use the discarded bottle caps ?


Conserving Nature, Conserving Mother Earth

Thank you Fair Trade Forum India!!! Thank you very much!


With growing population it has become very important to conserve our natural resources for new generations. We need to recycle the waste to conserve our natural resources. It a simple process of reusing the items from which utility can still be derived. With the same mission to protect the environment – Conserve India has been working for the betterment of the environment.

We are proud to share that the mission of Conserve India has been recognised in a recent E-Book Pathways to Green Cities: Innovative Ideas from India, Volume II. In this book Conserve India has been covered under the title ‘Accessorize your Waste’.

Ms Anita Ahuja, Founder of Conserve India, also got the opportunity to share her views in another book titled Beauty Renewed- Recycled art & artist in India by Robin Passi.

Conserve India Pic

Conserve India was started with a desire to reduce waste mountains from cities and…

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Conserve India is honoured to be associated with WE’VE Built!!!!!!!!!!!!

All those folks who sift through our distributor page should already be well aware of the fact that WE’VE BUILT carry our products.

On that note, we are super excited to share this news. WE’VE built links with crowdfunder for social good (Courtesy – HERE)

It’s our honor to congratulate WE’VE Built !! On that same note, we also like to wish them good luck for all their future endeavors.

[Please DO visit THIS PAGE for more information ]

Excitement continues with Milan Fair City!!!!!

Well, we are back with new show. This time it is Milan Fair City. Excitement continues!!!!!!!!!

Have a look over HERE

Fashion Show at Fair and Ethical Fashion show!!!!!

We are super excited to share this Fashion show pictures with you especially since it happened in Fashion Capital, Milan

Have a look over HERE


Conserve India in Fashion Capital Milan – Italy!!!!!

Well, we are officially in Fashion Capital Milan – Italy. Here are the pictures of the fair inauguration by the Mayor.




Honored to be part of DILY – Delhi, I Love You!

We are extremely excited to share with you that we will be part of DILY ( Delhi, I love you).

For uninitiated, it is a long term movement that has variety of components. First and foremost is the screening of a film by name DILY . It will be followed by a series of 120 events that will be promoting the city – Delhi, its artists, its dreamers, its poets, and simply its people and their initiatives to make the city better. This movement will happen in  180 neighborhoods of Delhi and will be endorsed by the 20 Indians and foreign actors participating in the movie

DILY will basically be a platform to promote all the available positive energies in Delhi, to connect people and organizations that do not usually work together. It also aims to celebrate the city – Delhi with an international movie.

And, this is going to be real biggie with the participation of 150 artist, writers, and individuals and with dozens of NGOs and government bodies.

We will update you with more details soon.

Meantime, follow the happenings HERE

We are featured!

Extremely excited to share this!

We are featured in “Beauty Renewed – Recycled Art & Artist in India by Robin Passi”

You can find us under the title “Anita Ahuja from Page 11 to 13”

We are confident that you will love it as much as we did. Do give a read here –

On that note, many thanks to Robin Passi for including us in this exquisite work!

To close off, you can follow creator Robin Passi over HERE

Milan Fair City!!!!!

All of us here at Conserve India are busy preparing for the 2 upcoming trade fairs. We already gave a sneak peak of Fair and Ethical Fashion Show. Milan Fair City is an international exhibition held during World Fair Trade Week. The Milan Fair City will host more than 250 exhibitors’ from30 countries in the 4 continents.

On that note, Conserve India is really honored to be featured in the list of exhibitors over  HERE

Don’t forget to catch us from 28 to 31 May 2015 at Milan Fair City


Fair and Ethical Fashion Show!!!!!

All of us here at Conserve India are busy preparing for the 2 upcoming trade fairs. It’s time to give a sneak peak of Fair and Ethical Fashion Show. It is the very first fair, ethical and sustainable fashion exhibition in Milan. Here, world class Italian and international experiences are targeted specifically to fashion companies, buyers and media. The venue [Spazio ex-Ansaldo spaces] is a real icing on the cake. After all, the venue is in the heart of the fashion district and it is being commonly used for top class fashion events.

Another reason to rejoice is that all exhibitors are FTOs either producing or marketing garments or fashion accessories. Also, all these companies comply with the ethical criteria for producing garments and fashion accessories.

Conserve India is really honoured to be a part of this legacy!

Don’t forget to catch us from 21 to 24 May 2015 at Fair and Ethical Fashion Show

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