Winners of Women’s Day 2014 Giveaway – Congrats Winners!!

Tablet Folder Winner of Women’s Day Giveaway 2014 – Abhilasha Meena

BE – computer science graduate from Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi  and currently pursuing MBA from IIM Raipur. She is also a yummy mummy….

Managing the OPERATIONS of the house and keeping the tab on the inventory.  Taking care of the FINANCE and ACCOUNTS to the last penny. Keeping up with the relatives and managing the HR. Most importantly MARKETING the goodwill of the house.Time for FEMALE ENERGY to flow as ENTREPRENEURS.

iPhone Folder Winner of Women’s Day Giveaway 2014 – Swatee Singhal

Management student of Industrial Safety and Environment Management at NITIE – Mumbai! An Avid learner who believes in the theory of ‘The Secret’ shared by Rhonda Byrne.

Balance is nature’s law which can explain the need of more Women Entrepreneurs. Women possess a compassionate lens towards the society and thus can innovate, cooperate and communicate better to bring sustainable and equitable growth. This would eventually create an inspiration cycle for more women to be entrepreneurs.

Winners of Tablet Folder & iPhone Folder Giveaway – Congrats Winners!

Conserve is very happy to announce the winners of the Tablet folder & iPhone Folder Giveaway. Congrats Winners! We are really happy for you.

Tablet Folder Winner – Rohan Jain, NMIMS – MBA

Rohan Jain, NMIMS – MBA – No, waste to fashion projects must not be given CDM financing. Waste to energy projects are reducing pollution, clean source of energy and an alternate source of the ever increasing demand for energy. Fashion products are luxurious products, not reducing carbon emission and a premium can be paid by customers

iPhone Folder Winner – Vikram Singh Thakur, SIMSREE – MMS

Vikram Singh Thakur, SIMSREE – MMS – Success of any brand is built upon the edifice of trust. In case of ethical brands, trust is inherent as they are defined by a set of values that we tend to live by. Transparency about the working relationships and their operations with integrity further reinforce the “Trust Factor.”

Apart from winners, there were few notable entries that deserved special mention, we certainly value their participation.  Here are their entries, as a small gesture to thank them.

Kunal Anand, IIT – Kharagpur – MHRM – Unless the demand for branded products decreases, we won’t see any decline. Instead, we may see brands insisting on better working conditions for workers due to the media attention on the Bangladeshi building collapse that led to death of many workers and earned bad publicity for big brands.

Rajat Agarwal, J.D.Birla Institute of Management – BBA – Yes, a marginal decline will be seen in those brands as economies are moving towards an environment where products are tailor made for the consumers. Mass production won’t help.

Gaurav Abnesh Kulshrestha, IIM –Shilong – PGP – Yes, Since recycling waste into fashion products result in reduced need for new products which lowers the emissions in that process. Also CDM objectives that mandates for a project to be financed, recycled fashion products are actually carbon neutral and are contributing towards the sustainable development of society.

Karthik Krishnan, Pune University, M. Tech – Reuse-Recycle-Reduce being the  hottest topics for countries & the corporate world in the 21st century ; CDM Financing & Subsidies would encourage investment in  Waste into Fashion Technologies ,enhancing R & D ,Employment opportunities ,Sustainable Development & enhance commitment to Greener earth on a global scale in a long way.

Rishabh Mehta India has large youth population which drives fashion trend of artists (actors). Approaching middle age, fashion trend will be driven by politics- more associative age group and relative parameter for the politically aware man.

Neeraj Kakkar -Yes a social brand can be more effective than designer brands as the emotions, love, passion towards culture have no value, the sentiments attached with social brand is trust and faith that creates customer royalty so that he does not move to other fancy, costly, colorful designer brands


Enter to win iPhone Folder or Tablet Folder – OPEN ONLY TO STUDENTS WORLDWIDE

Students around the globe can win iPhone Folder or Tablet Folder

Who is eligible?

It is open to STUDENTS – Bachelors or Masters

If you win – we will need a copy of your student id or official document stating that you are a student

What will I get?

Either iPhone Folder or Tablet Folder

We will choose 2 winners

What is the task?

Participants need to do ALL OF the following



1) Can a social brand compete with a designer brand?  Explain your answer?

2) Will we see decline of brands producing products in mass production factories in the next 5 years?  What will be the reason?

3)How can ethical brands be trusted?

4)Who can drive the fashion trend – Artist or Politics or Designer and Why ?

5)All waste to energy projects gets subsidies and CDM financing, don’t you think waste into fashion products should also get the same privilege? Explain your answer regardless of Yes or No.

6)Considering that upcycled materials are intelligent materials, don’t you think they should have a carbon calculator attached? Explain your answer regardless of Yes or No.

7)What is your choice – Environmental conscious Fashion or Technical bound fashion including Sweatshops? Explain your choice

You can submit the answer here

 When is the Deadline?

14 February 2014 as per the candidate’s Time zone

What are the other Terms and Conditions?

  • It is open to STUDENTS – Bachelors or Masters
  • If you win – we will need a copy of your student id or official document stating that you are a student
  • Answer only 1 question in less than 50 words. Word limit is important. Answer will be evaluated on quality and not on quantity.
  • If you do not adhere to these rules, you may even be disqualified.
  • You also NEED to LIKE on FACEBOOK
  • All decisions and winner judgement are final. No disputes will be entertained or answered under any circumstance.
  • Your Facebook likes will be counted only under this competition.
  • This event is the sole sponsorship of Conserve India & Conserve HRP

Win a chance to INTERN at Conserve India & Conserve HRP – Open to Europe, UK and USA students only

We have exciting news for you – You can win a chance to INTERN at Conserve India & Conserve HRP with FREE BOARDING & LODGING for 1 Month

Who is eligible?

  • It is OPEN to Europe, UK and USA students
  • Bachelors / Masters in –  Design / Fashion Design / Apparel Design

What will I get?

  • One month of free Boarding & Lodging in Delhi, India
  • An extraordinary learning experience at one of the most reputed Social Enterprises and a famous sustainable fashion brand
  • School / Semester credit option will be analyzed case by case basis

What is the task?

Participants need to do ALL OF the following

  •  Like us on Facebook
  • What will be your contribution to Conserve during your tenure ? Answer the Q in less than 100 words. Mail this along with your resume to email –

 When is the Deadline?

14 February 2014 as per the candidate’s Time zone

What will happen upon submission?

Interview upon Invitation

When is the Internship Start Date?

It will be mutually agreed during the interview

What are the other Terms and Conditions?

  • It is open ONLY TO EUROPE, USA & UK students
  • You will get one month free boarding & Lodging in Delhi. Delhi is quite an expensive city to live. Boarding & lodging is only for one month.
  • No Stipend
  • We are not responsible for flight tickets, visa charges to India

 Where did our previous interns come from?

Our Previous interns were students of

  • London College of Fashion- UK
  • Lyon School of Fashion – France
  • UC – Davis – USA
  • George Town University – USA
  • University of Chicago – Chicago – USA

Top 5 reasons to intern for a Social Enterprise

Spring School Year is here! So are the internship applications and interviews.

What are the top 5 reasons to intern for a Social Enterprise ?

1) Organized – With too many short term goals, they will be more organized. Weekly task list are quite imperative for the proper functioning of the Social Enterprises solely due to their goals. Heads-up list are also equally important for these folks because often times these places are “one-man show”. And, that “one person” would prefer “heads-up”, as it makes their job easier than what it does for the opponent.  We like to assure you that weekly task list and heads-up will be honored in Social Enterprises.

2) No micromanagement – Contrary to the common belief, these places do not have any space for “micromanagement”.  Well, we have facts to convince you.  As said earlier, often times these places are “one man show”. When there is just one person, is there any possibility for micromanagement? Can there be a micromanagement during 1 on 1 conversation? You are very well aware of the answers. We like to assure you that micromanagement does not happen in Social Enterprises.

3) Skill application – Choosing between social good and expensive human capital is always a tough task for all Social Enterprises. Hence software skills, technical skills that come as value addition will be embraced and applauded at Social Enterprises. They value both human capital and their inputs.   These places are real assets for practical experience that will polish and enhance the university learning. We like to assure you that Social Enterprises are places that encourage skill application.

4) Soft skills – Rejections are part and parcel of Social Enterprises. Their rejections influence and shape the perseverance, motivation, persistence of the human capital. These rejections also pave way for too many negotiations and problem solving, one of the most important soft skill expectation of the corporate world. We like to assure you that Social Enterprises will heighten your leadership skills with many complimentary soft skills.

5) Community Involvement – One of the most sought after quality in fresher as well as experienced resume. It is also a treasured boon for grad schools more specifically top tier B-School aspirants. The beauty of Social Enterprises is that it not only adds sheen to the community involvement but also upgrades business and technical skills on equal front especially in terms of candidate’s profile. We like to assure you that Social Enterprise will augment your ethics along with legitimate business and technical knowledge.

To wrap up, our very own interns submit weekly task and heads-up to our Creative Director, Anita Ahuja as we are all working together for our current short term goal – NY NOW @ Feb 2014.

In our set-up, Creative Director, Anita Ahuja runs the show. Almost everything is between her and the intern, so there is no option for micromanagement.

We are always trying to divert the funds for social good. So, when our intern comes up with a new software skill for something as miniscule as photo editing, we make sure that we embrace even those teeny-weeny things.

Like all Social Enterprises, we too face rejections. But those rejections have gradually transformed our young and stupid interns to a matured person for the full time job market and also for the long life ahead.

With Spring Semester here, our interns are fast approaching the hiring season as well as grad school. And they say – “They feel complete as a rounded person with sound ethics, business and technical skills.”

And If you are an intern reading this, Watch out we have something coming up for you!