Intern or GuestPost

Interns are integral part of Conserve. Every year Conserve welcomes interns from all over the world. It’s always been an extraordinary experience for both Conserve & Interns.

This page is intended to be a starting point for our new interns.  All the questions on this page were raised by prospective interns and all the answers were of Conserve.

We keep updating this page as and when we have new questions. Watch out!

Prospective Intern – How do you assign and monitor task for interns?

Conserve –Weekly task list and heads-up are simple system

Weekly task list

Every week before Monday 8 a.m., intern will send the update in the below format to the staff supervising him / her.

Task list for week of 20 January 2014

  • Complete ABC
  • Do XYZ
  • Work on this, that etc 

Previous week (13 January 2014) task completion update

Previous week (13 January 2014) task  
Complete ABC Completed
Do XYZ Completed
Work on this, that etc Incomplete – Write why did not complete

Simply put – Completed is in GREEN. Eventually, intern is expected to complete. But due to some acceptable reason, if he/she cannot complete, then they can, write Incomplete in RED along with reason.

Heads-up list

This is just to make everyone’s job easier. On Sunday or so, if the intern can get all their thoughts together and send an email to their supervisor with all their Questions on the upcoming week task, then they will be answered sooner.

Otherwise, sometimes it takes time to get answer. This heads-up will help intern to continue the task and not lag behind.

Prospective Intern – Do you work with students to get class credit through your internship program?

Conserve – It is evaluated on case-by-case basis. Please clearly mention your requirement in the cover letter. We will take that into consideration during resume evaluation.

Prospective Intern – Will it be alright, if the class credit opportunity internship is assisted by the Prof or the adviser of the student?

Conserve We would love to interact with the Professors who assist their students also our interns

Prospective Intern What is the software used for designing the bags?

Conserve – We use Photoshop. But we are open to other software that interns are well-versed with and all those that will make them productive.

Prospective Intern What should be my design software expertise to be eligible for the design internship?

Conserve – Photoshop is very much essential. Of course, more the merrier!

Prospective Intern – In lot of Fashion Design Schools, the current curriculum of fashion design has added curriculum of furniture design. So, the sophomores tend to come from this background. Do you accept them?

Conserve We would love to work with them. We can also assign some scope of work pertaining to that specialization.

Prospective Intern – Will you be able to design a structured internship for 3 months.

Conserve – It will be our pleasure, if you are a right candidate. Contact us through the contact form in the blog

Prospective Intern – Mac Book is most versatile for fashion designing. Are there Wi-Fi facilities to use my Mac book for designing inside the factory?

Conserve – No Worries! Yes we have Wi-Fi facilities.

Prospective Intern – I never did design internship. My design experience is zero. But, I am a fashion design major with high GPA. Will you like to see my resume? What are my chances?

Conserve – We need folks with good fashion sense. If you resume can speak that or if you convince us with your portfolio, then go ahead. We will love to evaluate your resume.

Prospective Intern I have heard that Non-Profit Organization & Social Enterprises are not organized at administrative level. Will it be a issue, if I get paid internship?

Conserve – You can be assured that folks at Conserve family are genuine and ethical with very good employee structure. You can be sure that your pay-check or any other kind of stipend will reach you in time. You need not worry about that.

Prospective Intern My forte is traditional marketing.  I am interested in some projects pertaining to that. Do you think my domain (advertising videos etc) will have scope in your organization?

Conserve – It will be our pleasure, if you are a right candidate. Contact us through the contact form in the blog

Prospective Intern – I am used to 5 days a week schedule. Can we warp off on Friday?

Conserve – Yes, you can!

Prospective Intern Is Delhi safe for Women?

Conserve – Not to Worry! Conserve is in a safe neighborhood.

Prospective Intern – If I get appointed as Intern, How about commuting to work?

Conserve – You can buy local subway passes and they are reasonably cheap.


Do you like to write a guest post here ?

The guidelines get updated with time. So, please kindly make sure you check this just before sending your post.

Step 1

  • Fill the below contact form with the relevant information like your email, website (if applicable) and brief gist of your post.

Step 2

  • We will get back to you within 5 working days.

Step 3

If we send a positive reply, then follow these guidelines

  • Word count – 400 or max 500 words
  • Use a “Spellbinding” Title and start with an introduction that attracts readers
  • Write author bio at the end. Max is 50 words. You can include 1 link. But we will post affiliate link.
  • Please make sure it is well –edited and written in decent English
  • Please send 1 image. Make sure it is web-optimized. We will not re-size and post the image
  • Once all ready, attach the image to the email and insert the blog post to the body of the email and send it to us

Step 4

  • We will reply to your email within 3 days with the date the post will be live on the blog.

Step 5

  • Once it goes live, please respond to comments in timely manner
  • From our side, we will promote the post in all our Social Media.
  • We expect you to do the same from your side.

Final Words

We reserve the right to terminate the post, if we receive any verified complaints regarding the post or the link or the image associated with it.

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