Winners of Clean India Giveaway – Congrats Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share the winners of  Clean India Giveaway

Winner of Conserve India’s Clutch – Tasneem Shaik

Tasneem Shaik, Computer Science Engineering Graduate from Hyderabad loves to read Novels and also very passionate about Science and Technology. 

Her Favorite Environment Blog –

It is not always possible for us to go everywhere and start cleaning in this busy scheduled life. We can contribute to this cause by ensuring that all our nearby surroundings are neat and tidy. We have an emergency number 108 for ambulance service and 100 for police service. Likewise, we should also have a number which we can contact in an event of dirt/plastic/waste surrounding our area and services can be provided by that particular organisation. I hope this works out well.

Winner of Conserve India’s Wallet – Ishan Pandita

His Favorite Environment Blog –

The best way is to speak up, push people towards cleanliness. Speak up if someone litters, tell them to stop it. Even, if it means being rude or being intruding, it’s still worth it. Your silence today can be the cries of the world tomorrow

Winner of Conserve India’s Embellished Purse – Ankita Jain

Her Favorite Environment Blog –

Cleanliness is a behavior issue. More than it should be learned; it should be practiced and sustained. Anyone from locality or community can voluntarily head the Cleanliness drive and periodic rewards can be given to one who works diligently to keep the society clean. Street plays, inter society cleanliness awareness competitions can also play an important role to spread the word.