3 Days to Go!!!!!!!!!!! – “Season 3 – At War with the Obvious” by Internationally Acclaimed Artist Anita Ahuja

“Season 3 – At War with the Obvious” seeks to challenge popular perceptions of waste by imaginatively incorporating frequently discarded items such as plastic bags and tire tubes into the artwork. Internationally acclaimed artist Anita Ahuja will be displaying her new installation called Basket which talks about the wasting habits of countries around the globe. It also highlights the uncontrolled proliferation of garbage, trash and scraps which is threatening to bury many cities. A serious problem for nearly all, it may soon become a crisis for many. Waste is the looming tsunami, already over spilling land fill sites. Brace yourself to see the installation Basket.

Also, “Season 3 – At War with the Obvious” is Conserve India’s style of honoring World Environment Day,

Do join us from 02 June 2014 to 06 June 2014 at Nehru Centre, UK

7 Days to Go!!!!!!!!!!!!! – “Season 3 – At War with the Obvious by Anita Ahuja” and a real honor to be inaugurated by Ms. Lindsay Levin, Founder & Managing Director of Leader’s Quest

Ms. Lindsay Levin is a prominent person in Social Enterprise domain. In 2001, Social Enterprise – Leader’s Quest emerged solely due to Ms. Levin’s passion on inspirational leadership and its impact on economic and social development. Since then, she has worked to connect leaders from all disciplines and sectors, to explore solutions to some of the big issues in today’s world. Ms. Levin also has a keen interest in international development. Between 2008 and 2012, she was Chair of the International Steering Committee of One Voice. She is also an active supporter of several global NGOs, including Oxfam and a number of local NGOs in Asia and Africa

Having said all these, Ms. Lindsay Levin was our very first choice when it came to finalizing a chief guest to inaugurate the recycled art exhibition of Creative Director Anita Ahuja’s “Season 3 – At War with the Obvious” at Nehru Centre, UK.

Conserve India is very much honored to have Ms. Lindsay Levin, Founder & Managing Partner of Leader’s Quest as our chief guest to inaugurate the recycled art exhibition – “Season 3 – At War with the Obvious of Anita Ahuja” on 02 June 2014 at Nehru Centre, UK.


14 Days to Go for “Season – 3” At War with the Obvious! – Artist Anita Ahuja speaks about contemporary textiles, her designs and her inspirations

I will be displaying my favorite handbags at the art exhibition. Being a textile designer I believe in creating fabrics for the future. I believe in transforming trash into textile, revealing the power that the fabric industry has to regenerate the urban landscape and improve individual lives. Textiles have always held the promise of the future. How can we forget that woven fibers were a technological breakthrough for early man and have been source of progress and rebellion in recent past.  Today’s textiles are married to technology but are not divorced from craft skill. When I created handmade recycled plastic I was using modern technology but continued to embellish with traditional crafts, creating employment for the skilled and unskilled.

How I create a collection?

In the beginning of a new collection I collect things which make me curious or inspired like music, books or just small things in everyday life. I collect a lot of junk from the dump-sites. Then the next step is to make collages, which create a certain atmosphere and give an impression of the proportions of the new collection.  At that point, I start concentrating on the motif and then start cutting the patterns, along with an accomplished tailor, for the next collection. It’s very important for me to hold on to a certain impression in my mind till I have finished designing it.

My inspirations

Urban life has been my biggest source of inspiration, resulting in collections such as the living in the city and street fashion. I like my work to tell a story. Mostly the stories are from the poor areas that I visit often but can also be from artistic performances, newspaper stories, musical events and cultural festivals. It’s not easy to find the wealth of creativity that exists in our community. I like to create prints that reflect how we live, our surroundings and our environment.

My Color schemes

My color schemes are very vibrant and positive to reflect the color of Indian streets and communities. I mix high street fashion and Indian textiles, which has been a source of constant inspiration with my drawings and photography and other elements of youth culture such as hip hop music.

To close off, textiles are everywhere and part of our everyday lives – in our homes, at work, our uniforms, our fashion. What we wear is a big part of how we express ourselves. I love fashion and get a buzz from creating designs and textiles that people like.

Memories of “Season 2 – At War with the Obvious by Anita Ahuja”

Talk with Anita Ahuja – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5reZvXgdbE


“Season 2 – At War with the Obvious by Anita Ahuja” Snapshots – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0LqYN5zEs0

Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!