Welcome Mr.Dragovich, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Western Union!!!!!!!

Ashoka has always been a pillar of support for us. We can never thank them enough. After all, they keep surprising us.

The latest surprise or the awesome help is – “Executive in Residence” Program

We are extremely honored to welcome and host Mr. Darren Dragovich, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Western Union

We were introduced to Mr. Dragovich through Ashoka’s “Executive in Residence” program.

Mr. Dragovich is working on our growth plan. He finds our products very innovative and truly creative. He has big hopes for Conserve India and is looking forward for a long term collaboration

Most importantly – He believes his wife will be happy to receive a Conserve India bag

Mr. Dragovich will spend 2 weeks of his valuable time with us. We are indeed honored to host him.

On that note, you can follow him at http://wuindia2014.blogspot.in/