Tea Sack Bags – Legacy Continues!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Tea Sack Bags caught lot of attention. Folks loved them so much , so were their curiosity to know more about this.

Here we go!!!

India has been the largest producer of tea for over a century. The tea is produced in states like Assam and Ooty. Then they are packed in 50 kg , 100 kg, 250 kg sacks and distributed all over India. The tea in these sacks is transferred into small branded packages for retail distribution.

We use the large bags which are discarded. Technically, sacks are made from fusing material that has beautiful prints on it reflecting local images and names of places. We up-cycle them keeping the images intact!

And end result is all these lovely Tea Sack Bags


Are you finalizing your Distributor ?

Finalizing the Distributor is indeed a tedious task. But these short pointers may help you to make an informed decision to certain extent

  1. Services Provided – Certain Distributors may also offer Marketing Services for your product. This is really helpful in case you cannot afford marketing expenses as a producer.
  2. Shelf Space – Certain Distributors may carry your products along with your competitors. Obviously this does not do well always in terms of sales
  3. Superior Information System – Certain Distributor own both physical marketplace as well as market space. This gives a better advantage in terms of sales and marketing. After all your product is everywhere especially at the click of mouse, the necessity of today’s world.

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Distribution Strategy

You should be very much aware that distribution is not a simple affair. In that case, there will be many strategies to handle this complicated matter right!

Well, here is the list of some of the commonly used strategies.

1) Intensive Distribution Strategy

A strategy that aims to distribute the product to all the available outlets. A very useful technique when distribution is the key success factor.

2) Selective Distribution Strategy

A strategy that aims to distribute the product to a limited number of outlets in the geographical area. One of the biggest advantage of this approach is that producer can choose and focus the efforts on most appropriate or well performing outlets.

3) Exclusive Distribution Strategy

An extreme form of selective distribution strategy in which only single wholesaler or retailer or distributor is used for that particular geography. It is a technique used in case of luxury products to enhance the prestige of the products.

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Retailing – Final Stop or Beginning?

Retailing is often perceived as last point in the distribution channel. But is it so in reality?

Many retailers are also wholesalers. There are certain retailers who sell products to customers as well as businesses. Then there are these small scale retailers who sell products in wholesale to freelance sales person. So, it is almost clear that Retailing is also another new beginning.

But from the producer point of view, It is very important to choose the retailer wisely.

Location – Is the retailer’s shop located at business district or shopping center or in some place that will attract consumer?

Density of Competition – Is the retailer is closely spaced to the producer’s competitor? If yes, does our product have any better edge to perform in spite of competition?

It’s just the sample of the consideration list. And the list may include many other pointers depending on the business and the product

Having said all these, do you still think retailing is a final stop?

It is indeed not. It is actually a beginning.

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Is Distribution really a simple affair?

Distribution, process of moving the finished goods from producer to seller!

Sounds simple right! But is it so in reality?

Firstly the producer has the obligation to get the right product to the right place at the right time. This is so very vital for the company to sustain.

This makes it clear that distribution requires too many evaluations.

One good evaluation will be – “Are there any ‘must be in’ channels to distribute the product?” or “Can you find ‘ignored’ channels NOT to distribute the product?”

This evaluation will help very much to streamline the distributors and move the products to market that have highest potential in terms of sales.

Another evaluation process will be to distribute the product to the target market.

This distributor calculation will help overcome 2 important problems – ‘too many stores and you cannibalize’ or ‘ too few stores and you waste money on advertising’. Needless to show, too many stores as well as very few stores does not do good any good to the company.

At this point, it should also be clear “Distribution” is not a simple affair.

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