It’s been 15 years, but questions remain the same…………….

15 years passed by the blink of the eye. So many things have changed during this journey. But one thing that remained the same are these Q. It’s question time. Or Better I say, Answer time !!!!

Conserve India bags are made of which material?

The material is recycled polythene bags that are picked up from Delhi’s street every day. We call this recycled material by the name – “Handmade Recycled Plastic”
We have developed environmentally benign process that converts waste polythene bags into thicker sheets. These sheets have properties that are significantly different from the original thin film poly-bags. These can be stitched, embroidered upon and woven to create a variety of marketable products out of trash.

How do Conserve India bags get their colors ? Are they dyed or printed ?

No, we do not use any colors or dyes. The colors are result of our creative talent. The different colors of plastic waste are combined creatively to achieved a new color palette.

Is this process environmental friendly?

Yes, compared to conventional recycling process, our patented process uses much less energy and also causes no pollution. As a value addition, it also helps reducing the environmental problems caused by plastic waste.

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