Not so ordinary: Kelly McJannett

Kelly, Thanks for talking about Conserve India & Conserve HRP! Also, Glad to know that your time at Delhi was one of your favorite memories!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Feldtmann

Problem solver. Food securer. Not accepting we can’t do better.  

Kelly McJannett is a Sydney woman on a mission. And it is a big mission: to address malnutrition and help create financial security for women. Kelly is doing this through her organisation ‘Food Ladder’. 

Kelly McJannett (Photo: Matthew Abbott) Kelly McJannett (Photo: Matthew Abbott)

Tell us a little bit about your organisation, Food Ladder:

Food Ladder is an international NGO dedicated to addressing food security by empowering women to grow their own vegetables using our custom designed hydroponic greenhouse system.

Basically, we have appropriated commercial grade hydroponic technology, adapted it, and made it available to those who need it the most. It’s a solution which is innovative and replicable and we have been growing, fast!

Each Food Ladder becomes a social enterprise that creates financial security for the women themselves and addresses the dire implications of malnutrition and hunger in their local community. Each…

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Growing Food Ladder India!!!!!!!!

We are back with the bang. After all, something really exciting was keeping all of us busy!!!!!!

And, We are super excited to share this with you.

For the past 1.5 years Conserve has been working with its Australian NGO partner Food Ladder to implement its food security solution in India. Together we want to provide high nutrient produce to those who need it the most, and use cutting edge technology in the process.

This is a system on the roof of our factory in Haryana, and it can grow thousands of veggies at any given point. Not only are we exploring opportunities to replicate throughout India, but our international visitors want system too!

Click HERE to look at the success story!

Food Ladder India is growing in leaps and bounds!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share this news with you.

Food Ladder India

We are happy to report that all the hard work is paying off! Food Ladder India is going from strength to strength. 

This year alone we have made huge progress. Last week we hired Abhilash Gupta, our ‘Food Ladder India Manager’ who is responsible for the operations of our initial roof-top greenhouse system in Delhi and now a secondary hydroponic farm that we have initiated in the same slum. When the time is right, Abhilash will be responsible for rolling out our solutions all throughout India and the world. 

Working with our wonderful in-country Partners, Conserve India, we are planning the second Food Ladder social enterprise which will adjoin the small make-shift school in the Bahadurgarh slum of west-Delhi. We specifically chose this location to enable mothers to safely deliver their children to the school for learning and be employed at the same location, simultaneously. It is a brilliant marriage of solutions for nutrition, empowerment and education in women and children.

This year we have also made some important changes. As Food Ladder grows, we are moving all manufacturing and operations to our head-office in Delhi for a more convenient and cost-effective distribution to a broader range of locations throughout Asia.

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Revisiting the past and revealing the future!!!!!!!!

August 2014 – Alliance was formed

September 2014 – Received the Infrastructure

November 2014 – Laid the Green House Foundation

January 2015 – Time for new baby or new brand of produce

Will you hold this baby’s hand and help this newbie to reach the sky ?



This may sound weird or out of place in this blog.

But as they change is inevitable.

Change can be something entirely new. Change can also be some add on that is entirely different to original.

Having said that, we all know, Opposites compliment well.

But there are times, we may think they are opposites or contrast. Then when you look at the reality, you will get to see that “fine thread of similarity” that holds these “so called different genres/ folks together”.

On that note, we can read your minds.

And yes, you guessed it right.

Food Ladder India is nothing but a “Hydroponic Vegetables” project.

For the uninitiated, “Hydroponic” means growing without soil. All the required nutrients are dissolved in water and fed directly to the roots. Hence allowing to reap the produce.

And yes, some of you may find “food project” as something completely different or even weird to the “high end fashion bags of Conserve India”

But you know “Innovation”, “Social Entrepreneurship” and “Eco-Entrepreneurship” are some of the threads that will hold these two (Food Project & High End Fashion) together.

On an ending note, We enjoyed every minute of this food project until now. And really excited for the future!!!!!!!


So, what were they ?

Well, the past 3 days have been

Picture Monday

Photo Tuesday

Album Wednesday

Yes, we hear you asking – So, What were they?

It was a pictorial illustration of our FOOD LADDER INDIA journey until now.

Lovely right???

All our ardent blog followers already knew Food Ladder India is food security system project

But again, What really happens in Food Ladder India project?

Well, you ponder about that until we come back again


It’s always the start……

Rightly said – ” It’s always the start that requires the greatest effort – James Cash Penny”

We certainly felt that here –

Lost ??

Hang on, wait is almost over!!!