Winners of Clean India Giveaway – Congrats Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share the winners of  Clean India Giveaway

Winner of Conserve India’s Clutch – Tasneem Shaik

Tasneem Shaik, Computer Science Engineering Graduate from Hyderabad loves to read Novels and also very passionate about Science and Technology. 

Her Favorite Environment Blog –

It is not always possible for us to go everywhere and start cleaning in this busy scheduled life. We can contribute to this cause by ensuring that all our nearby surroundings are neat and tidy. We have an emergency number 108 for ambulance service and 100 for police service. Likewise, we should also have a number which we can contact in an event of dirt/plastic/waste surrounding our area and services can be provided by that particular organisation. I hope this works out well.

Winner of Conserve India’s Wallet – Ishan Pandita

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The best way is to speak up, push people towards cleanliness. Speak up if someone litters, tell them to stop it. Even, if it means being rude or being intruding, it’s still worth it. Your silence today can be the cries of the world tomorrow

Winner of Conserve India’s Embellished Purse – Ankita Jain

Her Favorite Environment Blog –

Cleanliness is a behavior issue. More than it should be learned; it should be practiced and sustained. Anyone from locality or community can voluntarily head the Cleanliness drive and periodic rewards can be given to one who works diligently to keep the society clean. Street plays, inter society cleanliness awareness competitions can also play an important role to spread the word.


Some Notable Entries of Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway – Part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share some notable entries of  Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway 

Sovit and his favourite mentor Dr. Rajnish Sharma

He is the Dean Academics of Chitkara University Himachal Pradesh. He joined the university in the very first year of its establishment. There were a lot of Academics issues and issues to the students in relation to food and hostel since it was the inception of a new university. But as a Dean he did not lose his temperament and helped the students overcoming the problems like their best friends. I still remember that day when there was no water in the hostel and students went on strike, he came to college early morning at 5 a.m and provided the water in collaboration with local villagers. He did not hesitate in doing this work even as a Dean. Seeing his friendly and down to earth nature, there is a transformation among students in the university. Now every student of the university is a well deserving candidate for the companies. He has become the inspiration and role model for each student. He is not only providing employment to the students but also providing gems to the corporate world and has a great contribution in the economic and social welfare of the country. Respect for you Sir. It is because of your efforts the college is an attraction for each Company

Pankaj Yadav and his favourite mentor Nandan

He believes that answers are the easy part, important thing is to ask the right question. Gives option to explore our ideas in very diverse ways and doesn’t give us his opinions but presents both sides of the coin letting us to decide for ourselves.

Ankit Kumar Gupta and his favourite mentor Mr. Kaushik Desharkar

As Mr. Warren Buffet once said, “Derivatives are financial weapons of mass destruction.”  So having its knowledge makes you kind of a important in the financial world. My favourite teacher, Mr Kaushik Desharkar  has vast experience in the field of Derivatives, Trading futures & options & the way he makes every concept easy to understand makes him the best teacher for me. He owns this weapon of mass destruction.

P.S.- I’m a stock market enthusiast currently pursuing my PGDM,

Ajinkya Jadhav and his favourite mentor Mr. Girish Bapat

His dedication towards putting all his knowledge with enriched live example in our mind. He make us to scratch our mind to develop & share innovative & different ideas.His command over marketing & advertisement concepts is unbelievable.




Some Notable Entries of Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway – Part 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share some notable entries of  Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway 

Ayan Deb and his Favorite Mentor – Mr. Rabindranath Ghosh

It was the time when I was in 3rd year of my engineering. Apart from my summer internship I also wanted to make an emergency light but the project was negated. I was not sure whether the circuit I had designed was correct or not. I approached my Electronics teacher. Lots of teachers don’t even bother to guide their students. But he was there for me. He was the one who mentored me, answered each and every query which I had. Ultimately I was able to make my emergency light but without him it would have been impossible.
Being an Electronics graduate when I decided to opt for IT sector the person who was hurt the most was my teacher who was not only my mentor but my philosopher and guide all throughout my engineering days. I love my electronics teacher, and sincerely hope that he continues to nurture young minds such that they can progress in life.

Annie Steffi Sydney and her favourite mentor Mr. M.D.Nicholas

Our college chairman M.D.Nicholas is an scientist but his another colour is teacher .He was very much attached with students. He give knowledgeable information to students and also he share his experience and encourage students to develop innovative skills and make them fix their goals and achieve in life. He is the chairman of the college but he treats all the students as his own child and plays the role of parent and care for them. Due to his encouragement, I received national awards and made innovation in different fields related to technology and also able to shine in extracurricular activities.

Pooja Tanaji Ghode and her favourite mentor Mr. Yogesh kale

He is my Favourite Sir because even if has achieved a lot in life he is still a “DOWN TO EARTH” PERSON and i Love him for that, Teaching is his passion and he does not teach for money but he want us to do something in our life rather than working in 9 to 5 shift, He has been always motivating me by his words and support ,He always says “Always think creative the opportunity lies around us we just need to observe and make it a big thing” and I am really glad that i got the opportunity to write about him!

Winners of Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway – Congrats Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share the winners of  Teachers Day 2015 Giveaway 

Winner of Conserve India’s Wallet – Shantesh Verma, PGP, IIM- Ahmedabad

Shantesh Verma, a PGP Student at IIM- Ahmedabad is a TV Series Buff, a hard core foodie and an explorer who loves to try new things all the time

His Favourite Mentor – Prof. Dhiman Bhadra, Associate Professor, IIM – Ahmedabad

Prof. Bhadra is not just a teacher, he’s a mentor, a friend and a role model. I have never experienced such an awesome session by a teacher ever in my life. He makes even the boring topics interesting by his sheer wit and sense of humor. I think it is the best pedagogy a teacher can follow. He knows how students think, he knows what goes on in our heads when he is teaching, he is practically one of us. This is what distinguishes him from any other teacher. Learning is far more effective if the students feel connected to the teacher. It was really an awesome experience to have Prof. Dhiman Bhadra as our Statistics teacher because otherwise I would never have felt confident in a dreaded subject like statistics. It is really an honor to be his student. Thank you.

Winner of Conserve India’s Cosmetic Pouch – Debasis Swain, MBA, XIM – Bhubaneswar

Debasis Swain, a MBA student at XIM – Bhubaneswar is crazy about novels and crickets. Previously, he had worked for TCS

His Favourite Mentor – Jyotirmayee Sarangi, Project Manager, TCS

Best thing about my mentor is her positive attitude and the ability to encourage team members to believe in their abilities and rise above their insecurities to outperform. She has an unique way of giving feedback which is not only constructive but also enthuses confidence in the individual. I personally like these qualities of hers – “ Her willingness to learn , accept mistakes and come up with solutions rather than covering up the mistakes, building a great team atmosphere”. .Everyone in team will agree with this phrase – “If in doubt , speak to her , and she will definitely help u find a solution rather than just suggesting a way out.”

Winner of Conserve India’s Zip Around Wallet – Sarthak Srivastava, NIT – Jaipur

His Favourite Mentor – Neeraj Srivastava

Sir used to tell us- “The marks you gain make the world know you. The knowledge you acquire make you know yourself. Both of these are equally important”. He never preached any misguiding principles that the present generations tend to believe these, like marks are not important and such. Still, he made sure that his students were as good human beings as they were academic beings. The best thing about him is that he is a believer and he chooses to believe in the goodness of things. I remember when he told us one day in a rather emotional state that the most important things to earn in life are blessings. “When someone blesses you to be happy in life, at some point in your journey it pays. And when that happens, you witness miracles in your life”.
Sir, I know we could not be in touch for long after I left town, but I also know that your blessings will always accompany me. Your pupil is waiting for a miracle in life and whenever it happens, he will make sure he visits the town once again to pay obeisance to the greatest teacher in his life


Product Review from Earth Day 2015 Giveaway Winner – Dr. Ruma Bhargava

We are super excited to share this product review from Earth Day 2015 Giveaway

 “I am writing you to express my heartfelt gratitude, for the Flowery Bag given by you as the First Prize in Earth day Give Away.

 The quality of the bag gives me a glimpse of the amazing work, your organisation is doing in creating “magic” out of waste. By recycling the trash you are not only helping to conserve India, but our Mother Earth as well.

 All the best in your quest to save the environment, and once again a big thanks for a cherished memento.”

Thanks Dr. Bhargava for your lovely review. We value your time!!!

produt review



Winners of Earth Day 2015 Giveaway – Congrats Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are super excited to share the winners of Earth Day 2015 Giveaway

First Prize [Flowery HandBag ] Winner of Earth Day 2015 Giveaway – Dr. Ruma Bhargava

A dentist and also a public health professional who works amongst the masses and spreads smiles. She is also Radio Jockey, a voracious reader, a fervent writer and a keen orator. Her life sparkles from the gleam in the eyes of the people for whom she work.

Mother on whose breast spouts the grains that nurtures me, where the trees pump the air I inhale. Mother on whose forehead stands the mountains, which inspires my spirits to be indomitable.

Mother whose feet are washed by the swirling oceans; whose depth enthuses the humanity within to subsume the grief around.

Mother, where 8.7 million species coexist with me, motivating me to bond with the nature where my true essence resides!

Mother, whose expanse is beyond my vision, yet can be determined by the individuality of every creature it nurtures.

Mother who is the testimony to myself, gives her all, asking for nothing but my selfless being.

Second Prize [ Wristlet ] Winner of Earth Day 2015 Giveaway – Shruti Unnikrishnan

An 18 year old aspiring to be a fashion designer! Her interest includes drawing and painting. Also, she strongly believes people should learn to respect nature first.

The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of “Mother Earth” is family. In this context we refer to our planet as our mother, a provider, a nurturer. Just like a mother takes care of her children when they are younger and need her most, Earth takes care of us the same. Now that we have grown up, it’s our duty to take care of our ailing “Mother Earth”

Third Prize [ Cosmetic Pouch ] Winner of Earth Day 2015 Giveaway  – Ashish Dwivedi

An ex Associate at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP! He is a Computer Engineering graduate from Shri Govindram Institute of Technology & Science, Indore, and currently pursuing MBA in Finance and Marketing from XIM, Bhubaneswar. He is passionate about reading novels and penning down thoughts. He looks to bring about a change in the best way he can, as little waves of efforts can turn into a massive tide of change to protect our mother Earth

It surely is our turn to lead, especially when the natural resources depletion is happening at an alarming rate. Waste management is going to be the key to our resource needs. I would want to build and lead an electronic waste management which provides users an option to provide GPS location of a waste dumping area in their locality and the request is redirected to the nearest squad. The GPS location could be provided online through an XWaste App ( X- stands as a removal sign for the waste ). The waste would be then transferred to the nearest recycling hub( a chain of 2nd hand mini vans can be used to reach the destination quickly and collect the waste, using the minimum route algorithm)

Heartfelt Congratulations to all of you!!!!!