Giveaway for New York Now – NY NOW @Feb 2014

UPDATE – Giveaway is officially closed.

Are you excited about our NY NOW @ FEB 2014 invite and exhibits preview?

We have great news for you – WE WILL GIVEAWAY 2 VISITOR PASSES FOR THE NY NOW @ FEB 2014

Each is worth $100+

If you are wondering where and when is this event. Check here –

Isn’t amazing?

Let’s not waste any time and get into action immediately

Who is eligible?


  • A Retailer or Wholesaler whose primary business is sale of recycled fashion accessories or bags or gifts or green gifts or Eco-friendly gifts or artisan products
  • It is open only to USA residents

What is the task to win the Giveaway?

Participants need to do ALL OF the following

  • Subscribe to this Blog – 4 points
  • Follow on Pinterest – 4 points
  • Follow on Google+ profile – 2 points
  • Comment on this blog – 3 points / comment
  • Repin the pictures in Pinterest – 3 points / Repin
  • Like us and Post a comment on our Facebook page – 4 points /Comment

Links to complete the task

What time does it start?

It starts immediately as soon as this post is live. From this moment, all eligible candidates can participate

13.55 p.m (EST) or 12.58 p.m (CST) or 10.58 p.m. (PST) on 11 January 2014

What is the Deadline?


Any comment, follow, subscription and repin after 11.59 P.M (Pacific standard time – Simply put, Time in California, USA) on 18 JANUARY 2014 will not be considered for the choosing the winner.

How will the winner be chosen?

Very Simple and Straightforward

  •  1st Highest Number of Points – 1 Visitor Pass
  • 2nd Highest Number of Points – 1 Visitor Pass


So, if you are chosen as winner, you will have an option

An option to choose whether you would like to display your name and organization name in our blog post – Winner announcement blogpost

Same with the comment, you can inform us whether you like to display or not.

We respect everyone’s privacy. Thanks for participation.

What are the other Terms and Conditions ?

Terms and Conditions

  • It is only open to a Retailer or Wholesaler whose primary business is sale of recycled fashion accessories or bags or gifts or green gifts or Eco-friendly gifts or artisan products. You also need to be a USA resident.
  • For winners, we need a acceptable proof like business id or official email id of their business or even perfect when it is government id. Only after that verification, you will be awarded with the Visitor Pass
  • After having declared as winner, if you do not qualify for the above condition, YOU WILL NOT BE GIVEN THE VISITOR PASS and the person with next highest point will automatically become the WINNER.
  • Only the person on whose name visitor pass was awarded can enter the venue with that pass. Nobody else can enter the venue on behalf of that person.
  • If won, we need your first and last name along with your address and email details.
  • All comments will be moderated. A comment should either be a constructive criticism or should lead to the healthy discussion. Spams will be rejected and will not qualify for the points.
  • We do not sponsor any ticket or accommodation to New York City.
  • It is solely the responsibility of the winner to arrange Flight and Accommodation in New York City.
  • We are ONLY responsible for the VISITORS PASS to enter the NEW YORK NOW from February 1 – 4 ‘2014.
  • We are not responsible for any other expense apart from the VISITORS PASS TO enter NEW YORK NOW from February 1 – 4 ‘ 2014
  • All decisions and winner judgement are final. No disputes will be entertained or answered under any circumstance.