Experiential Marketing – Starter or Dessert for the sumptuous promotion?

“We are in Burlington. Who wants ice-cream?” This single line triggered the emotions of even Hagen-Dazs fans. After all, who doesn’t want an ice-cream?

Brands use variety of marketing strategies in order to achieve the emotional connection with their consumers. Experiential Marketing is a strategy where consumer can see, taste, feel and experience the brand first-hand. A strategy that strives to create a memorable and emotional connection between customer and brand!

When a customer experiences memorable experience first-hand, whether it’s through a product trial or an unforgettable experience at an event, then there is no doubt that they are more likely to do business with the brand and spread the word to friends and family.

Is Experiential Marketing a good strategy? After all, it’s a digital marketing era. It’s all about attention economy and Social Media.

True, it’s all about Social Media & Digital Marketing. But a sumptuous promotion with Experiential Marketing as Starter will make the Digital Marketing – Dessert even more delicious.

Just take the case Ben & Jerry’s famous single tweet campaign “We are in Burlington. Who wants ice- cream?”. It started out as an Experiential Marketing by attracting huge rush for ice-cream samples. This start became even more delicious through the aid of Digital Marketing, when Ben and Jerry lovers uploaded pictures of them and their free treats to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

The mere start of Experiential Marketing when clubbed with the Digital Marketing or Social Media can exemplify the promotion. In this case, it has kept Ben & Jerry’s 50K Twitter followers on their toes for future updates. One of the most successful melange of Experiential Marketing & Digital Marketing that not only created brand Awareness, but also long lasting customer loyalty.

Truly, an Experiential Marketing Starter that made the Dessert – Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream even more delicious!!!!!!

So, only Ben & Jerry can do this?

Nope, even we have done that here at Conserve India. Needless to say, it was quite a success.

The memorable experience of our iconic handbag installation has created too much customer loyalty. People always perceived the idea of holding the handbag as arm candy, but when they were presented with an idea of walking with your arm candy inside the handbag, they got really excited. It triggered their emotion and created a craving to experience that.

But, it became quite a success with the pictures like below that were tweeted or shared in Facebook.