Must have Kitchen Accessories for Animal Lovers or Environmentalist or for anyone who loves innovation!!!!!!!!!

The advocates of Environmental Vegetarianism tend to practise vegetarianism for the sake of conservation, sustainability etc. Many animal loving folks tend to become vegetarian or vegan abandoning all meat products, dairy products etc. The foodies of both these groups tend to come up with recipes that not only appease their taste palette, but also gratify their moral or ethical values.

How about eco-friendly accessories for cooking/baking those innovative as well as ethical recipes?

1) Oven Mitt created using Woven TubeImage

2) Oven Mitt (Long) created using Woven Tube


3) Oven Mitt created using Seat-belts and Tube


4) Oven Mitt (Long) created using Seat-Belts and Tube


Well, these lovely accessories will be “the” choice of True Blue Green Consumer segment as well.