Brand Platform of Conserve

Brand Vision

To combat pollution by efficient waste management and to empower one of the most vulnerable community rag-picker

Brand Mission

Trash is converted into fashion accessories by unique patented upcycling technology that relies upon HRP- Handmade Recycled Plastic at its core. The complete production process employs rag-pickers by providing ethical treatment and fair wages.

Brand Values or Value Proposition

The sustainable high quality upcycled HRP material and the original art prints that were used to create our fashion accessories provide its Social & Eco Conscious Customers with a cutting edge fashion.

Brand Story or Tone of Voice

A seed   “a localized initiative to manage the waste that weren’t managed by the concerned authorities”  has blossomed into a huge Tree of life providing shade to 300 people. Apart from the shade, the Tree of Life also harvested 2 fruits – intelligent waste management and empowerment of the most vulnerable community rag-picker

Brand Personality

An Epitome of Fashion with Conscience