Innovative Diwali Home Makeover from Conserve India – Dining Room Collection

Diwali is incomplete without Diwali Dinner, the fun and feast may sometime outshine the Diwali Lamps too.

Presenting Conserve India’s Innovative Dining Collection for that special dinner

1) Votive Holder created from recycled Tube – Will certainly set the stage and create the mood for special Diwali Dinner




2) Puzzle Place Mat created using Handmade recycled plastic – Will be an innovative and fun add-on for the dining table regardless of your participation in Diwali games



So, How has been your Diwali makeover and do you have any special love for any of Conserve India’s HOME INTERIOR RANGE  ?

Innovative Diwali Home Makeover from Conserve India – Living Room Collection

Diwali is literally here!  For uninitiated, Diwali is Festival of Lights and the biggest celebration or the festival in India. India is getting ready for this occasion with all festive enthusiasm.

One important aspect of Diwali is “Home Cleaning or Home Makeover”. In that case, we are obliged to share our hand-picked choices.

Well, Presenting Conserve India’s Innovative Diwali Home Makeover for Living Room

1) Reclaimed Wood Key Holder – Will certainly enhance the beauty of your car keys or even home keys especially if you are buying new car or new home this Diwali



2) Reclaimed Wood Paper Holder – Will be an innovative choice to hold all those lovely Diwali Greeting Cards of near and dear ones



So, How has been your Diwali makeover and do you have any special love for any of Conserve India’s HOME INTERIOR RANGE  ?

Conserve India’s options for Green Architects

Well, the hot buzz today is Green Buildings or LEED Certified buildings. With all these, our Green Architects are always looking for some innovative idea to incorporate into their creativity.

So, we here at Conserve India like to present some options to all our beloved Green Architects. Here we go!!!!!!

Exteriors – Innovative Recycled “Rain Barrel” created from waste tyre tubes to aid the Rain Water Harvesting


Interiors – Innovative “Branch Key Holder” created from Reclaimed Wood. Also has a value addition, wonderful wall decor



Sounds Interesting right! You can even find more options HERE


Are Discarded Bicycles Eco-Friendly ?

Bicycles (Bike) has always been regarded as the most environmental friendly mode of the transport. But what about the discarded Bicycles ? Are they recyclable ?

Well, why don’t you make your own conclusion after looking at our teeny weeny portfolio here ?

1) Discarded Bicycle Tube + Reclaimed Wood = Stool


2)  Discarded Bicycle Tube + Tube = Stool


3) Discarded Bicycle Rim + Reclaimed Wood = Decorative Barrel


Do you agree that even Discarded bicycles are Eco-Friendly ?

The Magic of Reclaimed Wood Continues…………

Today we all talk a lot about “Environmental Friendly” or “Eco Friendly” or “Green Buildings” or “Green Homes” and what not ?

Technically speaking, folks were so “Green Building” conscious long ago. Yes, it all happened way back when they started using “Timber”. Till day, Timber is considered as a construction material that has provided largest environmental saving.

But, Why are we talking about Timber? After all, title talks about Reclaimed Wood.

Well, Reclaimed Wood is the reincarnation of Timber. Air Dried and Beautifully Seasoned Old Timber becomes quintessential Reclaimed Wood.

Using Reclaimed Wood for construction can earn credits for LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Even if you are not environmental conscious, you can use Reclaimed Wood for other reasons like exceptional strength, stability and durability.

Also, if you build Green Home / Green Commercial Building, make sure you use this or the one below. We are sure your choice will be appreciated.


Well, even if you are not planning for Green Home / Green Building, you can decorate your home / office with these lovely collection. We are sure these Reclaimed Wood collection will add more charm to your home / office.