Makes a Statement…………

“Makes a statement”, an important lingo in Marketing! But the importance is thousand folds more in case of Green Marketing.

If a product is perceived by the customer as “Makes a statement”, then it is sure sign of product success.

The importance is so much stressed in case of green products because customers often imagine green products as something that is “added characteristic”. So, often times it loses the essence of green products in consumers mind.

A very good example to explain this will be Toyota Prius. So many hybrid cars entered and left the market. But Toyota Prius was the only one that made a mark and stayed.

What is the reason?

Even the ones who lost in the market place were equipped with fuel efficiency, controlled smog emission etc. The only difference is that all those lost ones were just made as “add-on” to an existing car model. But in case of Toyota Prius, it was built as “Eco-Car” from the scratch. This special feature made it distinctive. Hence created a notion “Makes a statement about me or proud to be driving an automobile icon of green”. The very fact was also confirmed by a recent study.

There is another example closer to home. Accessories made out of “Auto Rickshaw scrap” have got much attention lately. One of our collections has won many hearts. The reason being our “Auto Rickshaw Collection” is solely made out of scraps from Auto Rickshaw. Hence it created a notion of “Makes a Statement”




Do you like to promote a good cause ?

Well, its Time to promote some good cause – A Campaign!!!!!

 ” Awakening – Freedom from Plastic” – A campaign to generate awareness on sensible use of plastic or shift to bio-degradable.

“Freedom from plastic is a awareness campaign beginning from village Manna (Badrinath, Uttranchal )crossing 8 states of India namely Uttranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Harayana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Gujraat and Maharastrha ending at Mumbai.

A walk of approximately 2000 kms crossing Himalayas covering rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Narmada passing through historic city Delhi, living land of Krishna Mathura, bird sanctuary Bharatpur followed by parts of Rajasthan ,touching land of marble Kota then Ratlam crossing Vadodara and Surat in Gujraat and reaching on the bank of Arabian sea financial capital of India Mumbai.”

You can get involved with this good cause and contribute in many ways like drawing, painting, articles etc

Do you like to know more ? Please kindly contact Mr. Rahul Deveshwar, “freedomfromplastic [AT] gmail [DOT] com”

Freedom from Plastic





Felt for Fashionistas

Of late, Felt grabbed too much of attention. To the uninitiated, Felt is a textile produced by matting, condensing and pressing fabrics together. But we here at Conserve India have soft corner for Recyclables. So, we will be looking “Felt” from that point of view.

Not recently, Felt has always remained as “everyone’s favorite”. This is quite visible from the innumerable places it has been used. It is used in automobile industry, home construction, musical instruments, paintings etc.

Immense use also means immense “quantity” available for Recycling or specifically Up-cycling for folks here at Conserve India. Another nice thing about the Up-cycled felt is that it is so versatile and can be used to create variety of products like bags, fashion accessories, home interiors etc. The versatility is also extended to the technical aspects as Felt can be stitched, embroidered, glued, dyed  etc.

Sounds Interesting right?

You are asking for Up-cycled Felt Collection. We can hear that. They will be up here soon. Watch this space!!!!!!!