Honored to be part of this illustrious list!!!!!!!

Extremely excited to share this!

HerStory published a list of women who made/makes positive intervention in the lives of many. It is a list of distinguished women social entrepreneurs. Creative Director Anita Ahuja is part of this illustrious list. And we are super elated to share this with you!

 On that note, many thanks to Ms. Saswati Mukerjee for this inclusion!

You can read more about this over HERE


Conserving Nature, Conserving Mother Earth

Thank you Fair Trade Forum India!!! Thank you very much!


With growing population it has become very important to conserve our natural resources for new generations. We need to recycle the waste to conserve our natural resources. It a simple process of reusing the items from which utility can still be derived. With the same mission to protect the environment – Conserve India has been working for the betterment of the environment.

We are proud to share that the mission of Conserve India has been recognised in a recent E-Book Pathways to Green Cities: Innovative Ideas from India, Volume II. In this book Conserve India has been covered under the title ‘Accessorize your Waste’.

Ms Anita Ahuja, Founder of Conserve India, also got the opportunity to share her views in another book titled Beauty Renewed- Recycled art & artist in India by Robin Passi.

Conserve India Pic

Conserve India was started with a desire to reduce waste mountains from cities and…

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World Fair Trade Week!!!!!!!!

World Fair Trade Week, a biennial event that takes place during odd years like 2013, 2015, 2017 and so on. It is a weeklong celebration during which International Fair Trade activities are organized. The week-long event will focus on the innovative meaning of Fair Trade. It will be represented through the concept of “responsibility.”  Global network of Artisans, farmers, marketers, promoters and advocates will share their Fair Trade experiences.

This 2015 will be year of Milan, Italy. Milan will host the week-long celebrations through various events from 23 to 31 May 2015. It includes events like WFTO Conference, Fair Trade International Symposium, International Fair Trade Expo, fashion show, and many more.

Amidst all the celebration, Milan will also be nominated the ‘Global Capital of Fair Trade’. After all, it hosts hundreds of fair traders and Fair Trade Organizations worldwide.

On ending note, we personally look forward for 2 events – Fair & Ethical Fashion Week and Milan Fair City

Watch this space for more updates!

Most liked products of Year 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been almost 1 year of blogging and social media presence. There were many highs and appreciation. We are honoured as well as humbled. We were also over whelmed by your love for our products

Time to take a trip down the memory lane!

Presenting the “Most liked Products of Year 2014”

The very first one to get highest number of views – “Brave Blue Collection”


It was followed by – “Dazzling Denim Label Collection”


The final spot of Top 3 was grabbed by – “Back to School Collection”


Thanks to everyone who cherished our products

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible. Thanks a million

Most views Year 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been almost 1 year of blogging. There were many highs and appreciation. We are honoured as well as humbled.

Time to take a trip down the memory lane!

For the past 3 days, we posted the “Top 3 Blog Post (written by the author of this blog), Guest Post & Giveaways of Year 2014”

All this while, it was “Top Post”.

But the surprising fact is that highest numbers of views were fetched by “Pages”. On an average, it was 10% higher than the “post views”.

If you take the big picture, the top 3 spots of highest number of views were fetched by “Pages”. Only the next following spots were grabbed by “Post”

Presenting the “Most views of Year 2014”

The very first page to get highest number of views – “About us – 88317 views”


It was followed by – “Distributors – 88238 views”


The final spot of Top 3 was grabbed by – “Newsletter – 88227 views”


Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible. Thanks a million

Top 3 Giveaways of Year 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been almost 1 year of blogging. There were many highs and appreciation. We are honoured as well as humbled.

Time to take a trip down the memory lane!

For the past 2 days, we posted the “Top 3 Blog Post (written by the author of this blog) & Guest Post of Year 2014”

The next in this series is going to be the Giveaways. We did host bunch of giveaways. The response was exceptional.

Presenting the “Top Giveaways of Year 2014”

The very first one to get highest number of views – “Hobo Bag Giveaway”


It was followed by – “Tablet Folder Giveaway”


The final spot of Top 3 was grabbed by – “Valentine’s Day Floral Handbag giveaway”


Thanks to everyone who participated and made these giveaways a real success

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible. Thanks a million

Top 3 Guest Post of Year 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been almost 1 year of blogging. There were many highs and appreciation. We are honored as well as humbled.

Time to take a trip down the memory lane!

Yesterday we posted the “Top 3 Blog Post (written by the author of this blog) of Year 2014”

The next in this series is going to be the Guest Post.

Presenting the “Top Guest Post of Year 2014”

The very first one to get highest number of views – “Ms. Kerry Evans – SERRV”


It was followed by – “Ms. Fiona Wright – The Stitching Project”


The final spot of Top 3 was grabbed by – “Ms. Mandy Richards – Global Sisters”


At this moment, we also like to thank all these esteemed guest bloggers!

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible. Thanks a million

Top 3 Blog Post of Year 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been almost 1 year of blogging. There were many highs and appreciation. We are honoured as well as humbled.

Time to take a trip down the memory lane!

The very first in this series is going to be the Blog Post written by the author of the blog.

Presenting the “Top 3 Blog Post of Year 2014”

The very first one that got highest number of views – “Mapping Conserve India & Conserve HRP”


It was followed by – “Marketing Mix – Mixed Green Salad of many P’s”


The final spot of Top 3 was grabbed by – “Hello HRP – Handmade Recycled Plastic”


Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible. Thanks a million

Top 3 Persistent Elements of Social Enterprise

1) Unmet Needs plus Innovative Solution

Many times, this element becomes the starting point of almost every Social Enterprise. An unmet social need solved by an Innovative Solution often becomes the seed of many Social Enterprises.

For example, our own journey started as an experiment to manage the waste that wasn’t regulated by the concerned authorities. And our innovative solution of converting the trash into high end upscale fashion accessories became a hit. So, is our Social Enterprise!

2) Social Benefit plus Entrepreneurial Behavior

Not everyone likes to work for a cause or a social benefit. The percentage of these folks is quite less. It takes even more to succeed in this mission. Well, Entrepreneurial mindset is vital to make the social mission successful.

In our own case, the entrepreneurial mind bent of the founders made the local experiment to grow into a successful Social Enterprise with 2 social benefits namely intelligent waste management and empowerment of vulnerable rag-pickers. Simply put, 1 Entrepreneurial Venture 2 Social Benefit!

3) Social Purpose plus Financial Sustainability

Once you get used to luxury, you always yearn for it. Similarly, any solution should have long term viability. One important factor to achieve that is sound and steady Financials. Hence most of the Social Enterprises work with market forces to achieve financial sustainability.

Here at Conserve India, we do variety of things to make us financially sustainable. We participate in trade shows; appreciate word of mouth marketing and of course we have our lovely loyal distributors who have been our bread and butter for past 15 years.

On that note, if you intend to be our distributor, please kindly visit THIS PAGE


Responsible Marketing

Responsible Marketing is an intrinsic value for every business. On that note, there are certain businesses wherein Responsible Marketing is the lifeblood.

For the uninitiated, Responsible Marketing is a term used when marketer places high value upon one specific criterion. An important consideration that every marketer should think of is – “Whether our product has the capability to provide the best interest of the society in the present as well as in the future. Responsible Marketing places emphasis on the fact that profit should not be the only motto of the business. Social and Ethical Values should also be equally considered. These considerations are broadly termed as Responsible Marketing.

But this Responsible Marketing is a broad umbrella term that constitutes many sectors namely cause related marketing, green marketing etc.

Social Enterprises are the businesses wherein Responsible Marketing is the lifeblood. Or in other words Social Enterprises mostly carry out every form of Responsible Marketing like cause related or socially responsible or green marketing etc. One good example to explain this concept will be Social Enterprises like us- Conserve India where Green Marketing, Cause Related Marketing are integral part. To close off, almost all Social Enterprises fall under the category of businesses wherein Responsible Marketing is the lifeblood.

Introducing Food Ladder India!!!!!!!!!

Here, when we felicitated Kelly McJannett we promised for updates.

As promised, here we go!!!!!!!!!

We are extremely happy and proud to introduce “Food Ladder India”. Food Ladder India, an International Alliance is a partnership between Conserve India and Food Ladder, Australia

Through this alliance, Food Ladder India will manage all manufacturing for the organization’s food security solutions and also provide employment outcomes for the very poor living in the city’s slums. Another advantage of this International Expansion is that it will reduce the cost associated with logistics and also will increase Food Ladder’s capacity to meet demand for the food security solutions around the world.

And to close off, Conserve India is very excited to work in this project. We also owe big thanks to Kelly McJannett, Director, Food Ladder!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word of Mouth Communication

A personal informal communication in which customers share about the product is termed as Word of Mouth Communication in the Marketing World. In this digital world, word of mouth communication has taken a new dimension. Today a word about a product can be spread through different channels like online forums, blogs, web stores review forum etc. Of course there are specialized places like eopinions.com, review.com etc.

The special thing about “Word of Mouth” communication is that it helps both producer and consumer mutually. Every producer creates a product with the sole intention of getting customer endorsement. Technically, “Word of Mouth” communication does that.

As far as consumer is concerned, customer finds a product trustworthy, only if it endorsed by a fellow customer. After all, “Word of Mouth” communication does that.

On that note, if you are a fashion blogger, do contact us here.

We will surely consider collaborating with you for a review

Waste to Wealth Tour of Conserve India!!!!!

If you subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter, you should already be aware of the “Waste to Wealth Tour” lingo.  You may be wondering, after all, what is waste to wealth tour ?

Waste to Wealth Tour is an opportunity to see the model of our Social Entrepreneurship/ Eco-Entrepreneurship in action.

So, you may be wondering, what you will get in this package ?

  1.  Plastic Bags Collection Unit in the Slum
  2. Innovative Color/ Shade Tutorial for the Conserve India Employees
  3.  Conserve India Factory – An opportunity to see the live conversion to trash into treasure
  4. Community Welfare programs for Rag-pickers – Schools, Capacity Building Programs like Soft & Hard Skill training for the vulnerable Rag-pickers
  5. Recycled Art Samples

Waste to Wealth Tour is an opportunity to see the model of our Social Entrepreneurship/ Eco-Entrepreneurship in action.

Sounds fun and interesting right!

And if you like to participate in this tour, please contact us here

Is there a space for “Cause Marketing” in the happy marriage of “Social & Green Marketing”?

Marketers just don’t promote products. Some time they promote places like tourist destination or people like celebrities. More often times, Marketers also promote Concept, Philosophy or Belief.

The 3 different types of marketing efforts that are used to promote concept, philosophy and belief are namely Social Marketing, Green Marketing and Cause Marketing.

1)Social Marketing promotes products or behaviors that benefits individual and communities for greater social good. The primary motto is to satisfy consumer needs while also benefiting society.

Example – Got Milk? , Famous American Advertising Campaign encouraging consumption of Cow’s Milk

2)Green Marketing promotes products or concepts that are safe for the environment. The primary motto is to promote environmental friendly products or features or benefits.

Example – Toyota Prius “Harmony”, Green Marketing Campaign showed how the Prius, the first mass market hybrid vehicle delivers extra power, space, safety, advanced technology and superior gas mileage

3)Cause Marketing promotes co-operative efforts of commercial enterprise and social enterprise for a good cause. The primary motto is tying corporate identity to a good cause

Example – American Heart Association’s Heart Check Icon on Breakfast Cereals Cheerios

There are many examples of successful marriage of Social Marketing and Green Marketing.

Say even the example of Toyota Prius “Harmony” is a melange of both. The marketing of product Toyota Prius is a example of Green Marketing While the campaign “Harmony” promotes a behavior change to embrace hybrid vehicles which will ultimately benefit individual and communities with a greater social good of pollution free environment.

Closer to home, Conserve India is another example that embraces both Social Marketing & Green Marketing. For Social Marketing domain, we promote “Betterment or equality of rag-pickers” by providing them with employment in the factory settings for the production of high end bags  While on Green Marketing domain we promote environmental friendly recycled goods.

Is there a space for “Cause Marketing” in the happy marriage of “Social & Green Marketing”?

The hard and bitter reality is “No, there is no space at least not without disappointments or broken promises”

You may argue and show the successful example of Cause Marketing – “Toyota Meals Per Hour”. A Cause Marketing that tied the corporate identity of Toyota to a good cause – Food Bank of New York. An applaudable program in which Toyota teamed up with the Food Bank of New York to deliver hundreds and thousands of meals to hungry people affected by the hurricane Sandy. Basically, one for each YouTube view of the video “1 View = 1 Meal” to the Food Bank of New York.

Let’s face it! Food Bank of New York is enormous, so is Toyota.

Will it be same in case of Non-Profit or Social Enterprise of small/ medium stature or an agreement of these folks with small/medium stature corporate?

Unfortunately, No, it will end up only with disappointments or broken promises.

Well, this is not intended to generalize. But, just to show, pie is largest this side.

On a closing note, Let me assure you – Our doors are open to corporate collaboration for Cause Marketing, so are our arms to embrace them.  Pinky Swear!

Make sure, you change our opinion. Immediately, we will assign a new task for our blog editor.

“Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak” – Is it crucial for Social Enterprises?

Quite a common jargon among Marketing / Sales folks!!! Even though it may sound like a simple one, in reality it plays a pivotal role in Marketing of any product. After all, this concept goes hand in hand with the first rule of Marketing.

“People don’t buy products, they buy solutions to problems” is the first rule of Marketing. Yes, Good Marketers don’t sell products and services; they deliver solutions to people’s problems

But, how do marketers deliver solutions to people’s problems?

“Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak” translates into “Sell the Benefits Not the Features”. Marketer can deliver solution to people problems, if they can sell the benefits. What is Product Benefits vs. Product Features?

Feature is something intrinsic about the product


Benefit is the problem it solves.

Almost every restaurant sells the steak. But only few succeed in attracting long queue of customers. How do they do it?

These successful restaurants do it by the sizzle – the sensation meaning ambience, waitress service or the chef’s magical taste. These successful restaurants provide the quintessential experience, the problem it solves or solutions it provides  for the folks with classy taste.

Simply put, it is very important to highlight the idea behind the product.

But, why this concept is crucial for Social Enterprises? – After all, Social Enterprises make a mark in this society through their ideology. It is this ideology that separates them from the main stream competitors.

So, if you are a Social Enterprise, Be sure to sell the idea!!!!

Does the concept of “Commodity Hell” exist for Social Enterprises?

You enter a super market or grocery store to grab a pack of Potato Chips.  Can you find one?

Nope, you can find many and many of those in single aisle!

This is a classic example of “Commodity Hell”

For the uninitiated, Commodity Hell is a situation where all the competing products offer the same benefits and price is the only differentiation factor.

Unfortunately, this Commodity Hell has become a curse to almost every industry.  Each and every industry is forced to give consumers a compelling reason to buy their product over competing products.

So, even Social Enterprises have/ will become prey to this?

Well, Answer is straightforward if you figure the way out of this Commodity Hell.

Can someone say No to Starbucks? Of Course not! Just think this in terms of Commodity Hell.

Starbucks sells Coffee, one of the most ubiquitous products.  So, how come Starbucks did not fall prey to this “Commodity Hell”?

Starbucks Chairman Schultz always insisted Starbucks as “third place” to hang out.  The company stays true to its words by giving value addition like Wi-Fi and music along with Coffee.  We are all aware of the unbelievable acceptance and success of Brand Starbucks.

Starbucks isn’t only one. There are many more in the list like Google, Microsoft, Walmart etc.

Simply put, winning the Commodity Hell is all about “Innovation”

Innovation being the core all Social Enterprises, they will never fall prey to the Commodity Hell.

But “Innovation” is not just enough to win and make a long term mark in today’s economy.

Winning Recipe for Social Enterprise should include both Innovation and BRAND ESTABLISHMENT


Every month we work with different bunch of people across the globe. But few of those are so genuine & sweet.

  • They make the whole process so smooth and enjoyable.
  • They are adaptable to the needs of Social Enterprise like us.
  • They create extraordinary output using the limited resources of a Social Enterprise like us.
  • They are calm and compost during a crisis
  • They make Conserve say – “We like to work with you again”.

These folks make the working relationship so appreciable and pleasant.  So, we like to share our joy and gratitude with them.

The “Best Associate of the month” is our way of saying “Thanks” to them.

We felicitate them with an e-certificate and name mention in all our Social Media.

Enjoy the show!

What’s on the menu – Honey Sweet / Salty / Spicy?

Almost every day or every minute, a restaurateur caters to folks with different taste palette.

“Something with a dash of salt, Please”

“Hmm, I prefer honey sweet”

“Well, I will go with bitter-sweet”

Being a Social Enterprise that deals with recycled fashion accessories, we imagine ourselves as restaurateur sometimes.

Our consumer segments make us feel that way.

Roper survey1 divides “green consumers” into groups.  Our day to day experiences make us attest and applaud the Roper survey.

Kim tirelessly shops around “Eco-markets” for her fashion hunger. Our recycled fashion accessories like Angel, Bliss are her top picks. No doubt, we love her the most.

Roper Survey will label Kim as “True-Blue green”.  The ones with strong environmental values and take it upon themselves to create a positive change.

Our own Pam, diehard shopper does not run around for “green” stuff.  But if she sees something as sensual as our Seat Belt Tote – Beehive, her buying decision is not based on dollars and pennies. She immediately grabs that. Well, we love her too.

According to Roper Survey, Pam is a “Greenback Green”.  They are not politically active. But has the willingness to shell out the extra change.

Then we have Sam or Samantha, attentive participant of every green campaign.  But when she eyes our Dreams Satchel, her brain immediately does a reality check in terms of green dollar bill.  And, we don’t blame her.

Sam is a perfect example of”Sprouts”, the term Roper Survey would like to use. These are the ones who believe in environmental causes in theory, but not in practice especially if it means spending more.

Geek Pat, for whom the world does not exist beyond gizmos! Will grab our tablet folder as long it is in the shelves of tech shop.

This Geek will come under “Grousers” of Roper Survey.  Grousers are uneducated about the environmental issues and believe green products are way too expensive

Finally it is Nerdy Nat for whom the world exists in a different galaxy.  Nat is aware of our products only if it is displayed in the aisles of big-box shops amongst many more.

Roper Survey says Nat is a “Basic Brown” or someone who does not care about the environmental or social issues

Being a Social Enterprise, we need to keep everyone in our loop.

Why on the earth?

Each and every one of these consumer segments can be labelled as our potential revenue driver especially when they buy our products regardless of their reasoning.

These revenue drivers in turn help us to achieve our primary purpose – “common good”.

Rather than complaining the consumer segment as a hindrance for our social good goals, we like to take the help of distribution channels to achieve the same.

We stock our products in green stores for the convenience of “True-blue greens”.

You can find us in upscale boutiques to appeal “Greenback Greens”.

Our products are beautifully seated in discounted stores, so that we don’t miss “Sprouts”.

One can hear – “Pick me up”, Tech accessories of Conserve in midst of so many gizmos that catches the attention of “Grousers”

Teeny-Weeny space for our recycled fashion accessories in those huge big-box stores! We just wanted to make sure we don’t miss “Basic Browns”.

Regardless of your taste palette – sweety/salty/spicy, we have a sumptuous meal at your disposal. Make sure, you visit us to experience the bliss.

1 – You can read more about Roper Survey here – http://www.greeneconomics.net/Ottman-Chap2Consumers.htm