Top 5 reasons to intern for a Social Enterprise

Spring School Year is here! So are the internship applications and interviews.

What are the top 5 reasons to intern for a Social Enterprise ?

1) Organized – With too many short term goals, they will be more organized. Weekly task list are quite imperative for the proper functioning of the Social Enterprises solely due to their goals. Heads-up list are also equally important for these folks because often times these places are “one-man show”. And, that “one person” would prefer “heads-up”, as it makes their job easier than what it does for the opponent.  We like to assure you that weekly task list and heads-up will be honored in Social Enterprises.

2) No micromanagement – Contrary to the common belief, these places do not have any space for “micromanagement”.  Well, we have facts to convince you.  As said earlier, often times these places are “one man show”. When there is just one person, is there any possibility for micromanagement? Can there be a micromanagement during 1 on 1 conversation? You are very well aware of the answers. We like to assure you that micromanagement does not happen in Social Enterprises.

3) Skill application – Choosing between social good and expensive human capital is always a tough task for all Social Enterprises. Hence software skills, technical skills that come as value addition will be embraced and applauded at Social Enterprises. They value both human capital and their inputs.   These places are real assets for practical experience that will polish and enhance the university learning. We like to assure you that Social Enterprises are places that encourage skill application.

4) Soft skills – Rejections are part and parcel of Social Enterprises. Their rejections influence and shape the perseverance, motivation, persistence of the human capital. These rejections also pave way for too many negotiations and problem solving, one of the most important soft skill expectation of the corporate world. We like to assure you that Social Enterprises will heighten your leadership skills with many complimentary soft skills.

5) Community Involvement – One of the most sought after quality in fresher as well as experienced resume. It is also a treasured boon for grad schools more specifically top tier B-School aspirants. The beauty of Social Enterprises is that it not only adds sheen to the community involvement but also upgrades business and technical skills on equal front especially in terms of candidate’s profile. We like to assure you that Social Enterprise will augment your ethics along with legitimate business and technical knowledge.

To wrap up, our very own interns submit weekly task and heads-up to our Creative Director, Anita Ahuja as we are all working together for our current short term goal – NY NOW @ Feb 2014.

In our set-up, Creative Director, Anita Ahuja runs the show. Almost everything is between her and the intern, so there is no option for micromanagement.

We are always trying to divert the funds for social good. So, when our intern comes up with a new software skill for something as miniscule as photo editing, we make sure that we embrace even those teeny-weeny things.

Like all Social Enterprises, we too face rejections. But those rejections have gradually transformed our young and stupid interns to a matured person for the full time job market and also for the long life ahead.

With Spring Semester here, our interns are fast approaching the hiring season as well as grad school. And they say – “They feel complete as a rounded person with sound ethics, business and technical skills.”

And If you are an intern reading this, Watch out we have something coming up for you!