Summer 2015 Collection through the lens of Creative Director Anita Ahuja !!!!!!!

We are overwhelmed with the response for our summer 2015 collection. Thank you guys for all the love an appreciation. So, today, we have the lady herself talk about the inspiration behind the summer 2015 collection.

Over to Ms. Ahuja…..

Really elated to see the response for summer 2015 collection! And, I am very happy to share the inspiration behind this summer 2015 collection.

The change from analogue to digital was my first motivation. This change bought me closer to specialized shops like an online store exclusively for ties or lingerie. I brainstormed the notion with my flair for upcycling which ultimately gave birth to Upcycled Denim Collection. Earlier we did create denim collection or more appropriately denim label collection. But the influence of specialized shops made me create exclusive denim collection like the one you see below

how beautiful is it

There are countless innovations in this digital world. One such revolution is catching the glimpse of hotel room interiors even before you physically stay there.  Well, the trend is travelling to the future. The upcycled plastic carpet collection was born, when I tried seeing the same concept through my creative lens. My notion of travelling to the future revealed the idea of reshaping your discarded interiors like plastic carpet into an statement handbag like this one below.


And, Imperfection is becoming a trend in this digital world. This very same idea encouraged me to design my new interior collection. It made me to add a bunch of different (read imperfect) bottle caps on an iron frame and create this stool.


To close off, I was very glad to hear the response for the summer 2015 collection. I hope, you will continue encouraging us in the future too.

How beautiful is this ?

Well, if you are one of those hard core fan of our collection, then we are sure you would have noticed this difference. All this while, we have created a lot of magic with denim labels. But this time for our summer 2015 collection, our focus got shifted a bit. Or It will also be appropriate to say that our innovation is reaching new heights every day. Hence this time we went with this – Upcycled Denim Collection [as opposed to our previous Denim Label Collection ]

how beautiful is it


So, how beautiful is this ??