Women’s Day 2015 Guest Blogger – Ms. Sunita Bhasin of Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute, India!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms. Sunita Bhasin is a committed educationist, environmentalist and trainer with proven community organizing and management skills with cross functional expertise. Since 2003 she has lead SSMI family of 286 employees 90% of them are women. She has a deep understanding of community issues and a motivation to resolve them through trainings, counseling and livelihood. In these years she has turned promoted around 200 cluster women to earn with dignity. She is the Director of Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute, (SSMI)

Thank you Ms. Bhasin for honouring Conserve India & Conserve HRP with this gesture

Over to Ms. Bhasin……

The crayons in their hand, a paper in front of them and a million ideas in their minds… what should we draw, a smile lights up the young faces . The excitement, oh I have an idea is well expressed on their faces. The idea transforms on the paper!!

An artisan toils away at the fine embroidery humming softly her favorite folk song.

Women chatting & toiling at the big vessels cooking nutritious meals for children help fight mal- nutrition.

I remember in my Non-formal education class for adult literacy I handed each woman a pack of color pencils to draw whatever they wanted. One of women with tears in her eyes came and hugged me saying that she could not believe that this was for her. She told us all how she would feel guilty of using her kids’ colors and that she was very fond of painting. She created some amazing pictures for greeting cards.

I experience such moment’s every day. Little moments and little happenings light up my day.

Innumerable experiences working with women and children have enriched my life and made me realize that it is people like you and me who can make things happen – bring in joy, bring in change through small efforts though I know at that moment they seem difficult and humungous.

But how do you make it happen – identify the problem, find the right source, connect ideas, collect resources and bingo it happens.

Help educate the young and train women for livelihoods.