Monthly Monday Book Review for May ‘2014 – Textile Designers at the Cutting edge – Bradley Quinn

It’s first Monday of May. Time for Book Review!

Enjoy the Book Review with steaming hot coffee.

Book Name – Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge

Author – Bradley Quinn

Official description of the Book

Featuring designers chosen for their contributions to fashion textiles and interior fabrics, the book showcases today’s most forward-thinking and exciting work that signals new directions in textile practice and the emergence of new textile forms and fiber technologies. Whether speaking from style capitals, such as London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Berlin, Tokyo, and New York, or in less-trafficked cities, the designers describe their output and inspirations in their own words. The book not only features images of completed designs, but also previously unseen archive material, such as work-in-progress photographs and digital drawings. These unique visuals create a stylish picture of today’s textiles, as well as an essential reference guide for those interested in contemporary textile design.”

What’s in the Book?

It is divided into the following sections –Part 1 – Body: Fabric as Second Skin, Part 2 – Space: Fabric as Structure and Form, These sections are further divided into sub-titles. Every section features tons of designers. The text is supported by color photographs that make the book quite attractive

What I liked the most?

  1. I love the fact that the author groups the designers based on their textile forte like the ones who stresses importance on texture, one who emphasizes structure and form etc.
  2. The next thing I liked the most is – Designers from fashion capitals like London, Paris share the space with small town designers in this book. Well, this is something that does not happen so much in reality. It features 36 varied designers from 16 countries around the world.
  3. It is quite impressive because this book is not like a conventional textile knowledge source, it goes one step further by being an inspiration, so was the innovation of the few designers
  4. The inclusion of pictures and contact information is brilliant. But more than that, the interview gives a glimpse of thought process of all the designers. Well, these thought process have the potential to inspire and generate new designers.
  5. Last but not the least, trust me every word in the book will create fascination for textiles rather than fashion and make you realize after all textiles are the life-blood of fashion

Did you know?

Thermochromatic dyes? UV-Activated motifs? Photochromatic motifs? All these are showcased in this book.

What was the surprise?

“In Netherlands, textiles are forging new relationship with architecture and landscape design”

Verse to remember

“Male students in Textile Design Courses are still outnumbered about ten to one by their female counterparts” – Alex Russell

Folks, Is it a call-out for something ?

Crowning glory

Every girl loves to own all fashion brands in the world. But there is this special dress that she loves to wear on very special occasion.

On that note, You may have affordability and accessibility to world’s top most fashion designers. But a very simple handmade dress with mom’s love is the ultimate joy

On that note, every story is great and there is no differing opinion on that.

But, the greatest, the most beautiful and the most impressive of all is “ANITA AHUJA”

This Chapter features the product designing and innovation at Conserve under title – Anita Ahuja.

So, have you read this book? If yes, were our views different?