7 Days to go – Journey of NY NOW@ FEB 2014 so far………..

The Brilliant Brooklyn Bridge, Grandiose Green Lady – Statue of Liberty, Flamboyant Fifth Avenue!

Few of the many enticements of New York that is difficult to resist.

We too were attracted to New York City.

For us, the allurement was its semi-annual trade show – New York Now or NY NOW

So, we have been planning forever to make our mark in the trade show.

But, it was not that easy.

First and foremost, the cost to participate reminded a poor college student cribbing about the pricey Opera tickets.

There were too many exhibit halls that made us recall the brimming New York City Skyline.

We were afraid that we will be lost.

All these made us apprehensive. We were reluctant to put our foot forward.

Very soon, it was a new dawn!

Unreasonable Institute offers special programs for World Changing Entrepreneurs.

Our Chief Executive Officer [CEO], Mr. Shalabh Ahuja was an Unreasonable Institute Fellow in 2012.

During his 5 weeks tenure at Unreasonable Institute, Mr. Ahuja got acquainted to “byhand consulting”

He got introduced to their flagship program – Market Incubator Program, the one that provides artisan enterprises with supported entry to exhibit in artisan resource @ New York Now.

Our CEO pitched to be included in the program.

Whoa, we are in!

Finally our dream of many years came true.

And there was no turning back, especially after we got included in the Market Incubator program.

The “byhand consulting” provides the booth for a very competitive rate.  Thus making it very affordable for a Social Enterprise likes us to venture out.

In fact, the cost structure gave us the confidence to put our best foot forward.

We were even more excited when “byhand consulting” allotted an associate, Ms. Annie Waterman to guide us through this journey.

Words are too short to describe Annie’s helpfulness.

How often you have felt that the beauty of the picture was enhanced with a well-coordinated background color?

Annie was there to guide us on booth color selection.

How will you serve someone, when you do not know their taste palette?

Annie advised us about the market trends of USA and gave suggestion on product selection.

Don’t you agree – even a ‘so-so’ product looks exquisite when arranged creatively and intelligently?

Annie was always available to give us tips on product display.

Have you ever wondered about a bad publicity and criticized the Marketing strategies?

Annie made sure that we don’t go wrong in marketing domain. Her suggestions did the trick.

Annie was always there to answer our never-ending questions with utmost patience and clarity.

This whole mentor-ship of “byhand consulting” through their associate Ms. Annie Waterman made us very confident and upbeat to participate in the NY NOW @ FEB 2014

The bottom line – Ms. Annie Waterman of byhand consulting is such a pleasure to work with.  We eagerly look forward to work with her in the future also.

On a closing note, the journey of NY NOW @ FEB 2014 -so far so good!

This post is not a sponsored post. It is completely the opinion of the author.